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  1. Hi, I just got married in July and used Blue Lagoon Studios. I was uneasy at first about using them, but after seeing all their pictures and talking to them, I chose Manuel to take our pictures. I was very happy with the results. They are also very quick to respond to any questions and comments before and more importantly after the wedding. 2 days after the wedding they came to the resort and showed me on an ipad all the pictures. I got to scroll through all 450 - 500. They looked fantastic and got to capture some of the moments I didn't see during the ceremony (the whole day was really a blur). Manuel was very professional and everyone in the wedding party enjoyed working with him. You can see some of my pics on their website... http://bluelagoonstudio.com/2013/07/laura-robert-jellyfish-restaurant/ I could send more too if you want to see more. Let me know if you have any other questions. I definitely would recommend them! Laura
  2. try Blue Lagoon Photography. I used them last month and love their pics
  3. The hotel spa did my hair. I recommendthis. My friends were going to do it but last minute we decided to do it at the spa. Glad we did cause it was more stress free. Book that in advance cause only 1 person could go at a time so we bribed the girl to lets 2 girls go at once and they took the $20 without question. Our menu was Entrees - bread with tomatoe and boachini cheese (sooo good) - Caprece Salad Main Course - Lobster tails in Champagne butter or Brandy drunken prawns (prices for both pls) - Chicken supreme with red bell peppers and creamy white wine sauce - Melanzane pasta (eggplant, mozzarella cheese, tomato) Sides - Garden rice - Grill vegetables
  4. Yes there is heaps of room still to dance. We had it outside but almost had to go inside due to a storm. We had about 50 people and there was enough room to have it inside too. The outdoors is beautiful though so if you can try to have it outdoors
  5. I got married 2 weeks ago and used Blue Lagoon Photography. Very happy we chose them and they have great prices. Here are some of my pics on their site http://bluelagoonstudio.com/2013/07/laura-robert-jellyfish-restaurant/
  6. Dinner was about an hour and a half. We thought it was going to be a 3 course meal with pasta, meat, and lobster but you only picked one item from the menu. There were apps though and dessert so people had plenty to eat.
  7. Just got married there last week. We didn't pay per drink but wish we did at the end of the night. Maybe an hour after dinner open it all up then pay as you go. People usually want drinks for drinking then slow down as the night goes on.
  8. We used Blue Lagoon. We were nervous to use them because there weren't many reviews but the pics turned out amazing. http://bluelagoonstudio.com/2013/07/laura-robert-jellyfish-restaurant/ They only put a few pics on their site from our wedding and I don't think they even picked the best ones to put up. It was $1200 for all day (1pm - 8pm) and Manuel was our photographer. He busted his butt to get every angle and capture as much as he could. As a favour to our guests we had him take pics for and hour an a half before the ceremony of all the couples / families that came out. My niece took pics of me and the girls getting ready while he took pics of the people who came out.
  9. Hey, It is $7.00 / person there and back (total). We took a cab over for a tasting and it was $50 total for 2 of us so $7.00 there and back (total) is good.
  10. We picked a menu and it was all sit down plated. We didn't want buffet hense not having it at the resort. We did different drink packages at different times of the night. We had international after dinner, but no one really used it. I'd pay per drink for the harder alcohols if we were to do it again. Buses are $7.00 / person. Doesn't matter how many buses there are and they are all air conditioned.
  11. We just had our wedding reception at Jellyfish Restaurant and LOVED IT!! Just wanted to do a review on what we did... A few days before the wedding we went to Jellyfish to finalise everything. We were welcomed with a big hug from Mayte. So great to meet her after only exchanging emails. We had a food testing of everything being served (we didn't ask for) and everything tasted amazing. We asked Mayte if she recommended any other d'oeuvre and she suggested one with tomatoes, bocchini cheese and bread. It was to die for! The bacon wrapped shrimp were also great. Go hungry!! There was so much food we couldn't eat all of it. We also tried several drinks to pick a welcome drink and cocktail drink. All were very good as well. We discussed the look of the reception and Mayte said what we was thinking based off pictures I've sent her over the last few months. For the wedding she made all those pictures come to life! Mayte took a bit from every single picture (even one I hand drew) and made the restaurant look amazing. Also at the testing we asked Mayte if she had a picture frame to put a picture of my husband's mom in it. She passed away 3 years ago and we wanted her to have some presence at the wedding without talking about it and getting upset. Mayte let us take a picture frame with us so we could use it for the ceremony at the resort and at the reception at the restaurant. The reception had the picture and a little msg in a picture frame. It was perfect. We did the ceremony at Majestic Colonial gazebo that is far from the beach. There isn't much of a breeze there, but the one on the beach is surrounded by people on the beach suntanning and picking their weggies so I am glad we didn't do it there. It is much cooler at the beach though. The gazebo closer to the main building is much more private and fit all 50 guests perfectly and it was beautiful. We brought the cake that Majestic Colonial made to Jellyfish (which was actually really good) and Mayte had the cake decorated more by adding real purple roses to add to the colour theme. If we didn't get a free ceremony at the resort I would have done the ceremony at Jellyfish as well. We didn't get anything else from the resort for bringing 50 people over so at least we got a free ceremony. We liked Majestic Colonial, but I'd rate it 7/10. The service wasn't great and many of our guests got ill during the week. Jellyfish was so beautiful inside and out. It was exactly what we wanted. Mayte also wore a Canadian t-shirt that we had brought her on the food testing day. She is adorable! Everyone loved the restaurant itself. It was great to get off the resort for a change of scenery, and go somewhere more private for the reception. First we went over with the wedding party and our parents to take some pictures with the photographer. We went with Blue Lagoon (and used Manuel from there - he was amazing) because the prices were great and the pictures were as well. I'd recommend not going over with everyone at first so you can get pictures done with that group first. We did that for an hour then the rest of the group go there and we greeted everyone at the door. They only saw inside the restaurant at first and loved it. They grabbed their drink at the door as well and headed out the back to the lounge area and beach. The weather was good when we got there but a hurricane was supposed to be rolling in later that night for the next 2 days. Luckily it ONLY rained for our first dance and that was it. It was so breezy on the beach from the storm approaching that it was actually really nice outside while we all danced. But i should mention it was also quite breezy when we were a few days before for the food sampling. The hurricane ended up missing us which was a relief! The dj was really good. Not sure what his name was but it was the default that Mayte usually uses. He took all requests and played a great mix of music. Friends said they would make a request and that would be the next song played. The music during dinner was also very nice and relaxing. We were scared it was going to be island music but it was perfect. We had 2 buses bring people into Jellyfish from Majestic Colonial. One for the wedding party and one for the rest of the group. There were guys with guns in the drive way (and I think on the very sides of the beach). Don't be scared, they are purely there to ensure the group is okay. Most people didn't even notice them unless they were pointed out. On the way back we had 3 buses, but originally only going to have 1. A few people were ill from food at the resort or too much sun earlier in the week and needed to go back early. Without it being an issue, the 1 bus turned into 3. All had air conditioning and were comfy rides. My husband and I both said it was the best day of our lives and wouldn't have changed a thing. Mayte is amazing and I'd 100% recommend doing you wedding there. All the best with your planning!!!
  12. I was at a wedding and the fire dancers came on just as dessert was half way done being eaten. It was a good time since everyone was seated and didn't cut into the rest of the night. For welcome letters we are sending out DIY treasure boxes with a message in a bottle inside. The bottle has the schedule for the days we have stuff planned and some sea shells and sand inside. We also tossed in some chocolate coins into the box.
  13. Zogalak can you send that me too pls? My email is lvendram@gmail.com Thanks!!
  14. Hey ladies, What menu option are people picking for their weddings at Jellyfish? For each menu option, for the main course are all three dishes served? For example MENU IV ENTREES - Arugula, shrimp and Parmigiano cheese salad with balsamic vinegar - Polenta crostini topped with mushrooms sauce MAIN COURSE - Lobster tails in Champagne butter - Penne with creamy Salmon -Beef ï¬let with Rosemary SIDES - Caramelized carrots - Escalibada Is the lobster tail, pasta, and beef all served as different dishes, or people choose which one they want? We are also looking for people's option on the drinks, photographer, and entertainment. Thanks! Laura
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