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  1. Hi @@NJBride2014!! Our wedding was absolutely A-MAZING!! We don't have our official photos back yet, but I do have some that others have given to me... I also have our wedding video to share too!! I promise I will get to the full review within the next week. We just got back from our honeymoon on Sunday & I've been trying to catch up with reality ever since! I cannot wait to share everything with you! Here are a few to start...
  2. @@LauraM We used Elizabeth Sorkin from Liberty Travel. She's actually based in Philadelphia, so maybe you could meet her at some point?? She's been so phenomenal I can't even tell you (and I got nothing for a referral, so this isn't biased!). We send her an email, and no joke... no matter what time of the day, we get a response within TEN minutes. Almost always, every time. She is SO on top of things, my guests calls, emails, questions, etc. Despite getting us the best rates, that's what ultimately made us go with her. As a bride, and as you know, dealing with the delayed responses of Palace WC's, when you want an answer, you want it NOW! Liz does just that Also - I don't have to deal with waiting until after my wedding to get my credit back for the complimentary nights, she gave it to us last week after she submitted our final room block to the resort. I agree with you! I so regret giving them my money, despite being told incessantly that I could change my package later on! PS I've heard amazing things about Beach Palace too!! Truthfully, I hadn't heard of it before we went down for a site visit @ Le Blanc & to tour other resorts... if we hadn't stayed at Le Blanc and experienced it's amazing-ness, I'm sure we would have ended up at one of the other Palace resorts as well! Of course I will share pictures when we return
  3. Hi @@NJBride2014 - we are getting married at Le Blanc. Getting the 75+ nights has been AMAZING - I didn't realize just how many perks come along with it... it's SO worth it if you're so close! A friend of mine is getting married the weekend after us at Le Blanc & she added 2 nights to her own stay just so she could reach the 75+ nights. If you do that, you pretty much don't need the Signature package or any paid package! The complimentary works out much, much better in that case.
  4. @@LauraM I'm going through the exact same thing right now!! I initially booked the Signature package, but after booking 75+ room nights, I realized I got the majority of the signature package free with my 'Unlimited Private Events.' Now, I'm trying to 'downgrade' to the Complimentary, but apparently I'm using the wrong verbiage because you can't 'downgrade' but you can 'change' your package - so annoying! So I have to sign an all new contract... just be sure in your new contract that they don't add any new clauses or stipulations in it. They tried to do that to me, but I'm fighting them & so far... winning. To cancel your contract, you have to go through your sales agent. If you don't know who that is, Marisol should be able to direct you. It's the person you sent your contract back to. They did try to tell me it would take 90 days to receive a refund (what!) so I should just have them keep it & use it toward DJ's, flowers, etc, but my travel agent reached out to them & they told her it's really 30-90 days. I now just want them to issue the refund, regardless of how long it takes, because I don't trust them with my money in the end! God knows what they would charge me for... it's easier to fight when they don't already have my money! If you need an amazing travel agent, let me know! Mine has just been through all of this & got my guests the lowest rate I've heard from anyone.
  5. Hi @ LauraM - that's AWFUL! And such a lie! For us, and so many others, we are using our 7 complimentary nights during our wedding visit. I do recall something about them saying you can use them for a future visit, but it wasn't mandatory. It seems they like to bend the rules for some and change the rules for others. I would personally fight them on it... or go through your travel agent as you're doing - ours has been amazing in fighting for us! One of the best decisions we made was booking through our travel agent & not directly with the resort so that you have someone else on your side. They typically don't want to piss off a travel agent for fear of losing future business. I also have Marisol and she is the WORST at getting back to me & only giving selective information to help herself.
  6. Hi @@LauraM - we found much cheaper rates through our travel agent (whom I LOVE) & we chose to get rates without transportation from her. The sales reps at the resort (who send you the contract) are extremely pushy, take forever to get back to you, and are not flexible/clear on everything so I was totally turned off by them! I'm glad we went with an outside agent too because I have had a few issues come up since we signed and it's great to have someone outside the resort on my side fighting for me. Hi @@NicoleLV - which are the 5 photography vendors Palace uses now? I have only seen Sarani, Cecilia Dumas, Ocean Photo & RO.
  7. Hi girls - For airport transportation, my fiancee found cancun-discounts.com & the pricing is amazing - $59/RT for up to 10 people (flat fee).
  8. Hi NJBride! We are getting married at Le Blanc on April 26, 2014 and currently flying home from our site visit. I will just say that I was in tears to leave this morning!! This hotel is BY FAR the best and you've made an amazing decision. We are dying to get married here & bring back all of our friends and family with us! I know of one other 2014 bride, Bruna, so we can all help each other out with the planning! Right now we are just in the process of negotiating group rates - ugh - the worst part!! I will say though that it was so helpful to see the resort in person... I changed a lot of our plans for ceremony, reception, etc after being there so let me know if you have any specific questions! xx
  9. Hi Bruna! I just sent you a PM and then saw this post... what costs specifically are you referring to as being expensive? My fiancee & I have been looking at resorts for almost 6 months now & the packages at Le Blanc seem to be incredible compared to a lot of other resorts. You have me worried that I don't know what I'm getting myself into!
  10. CNwilson - Scarlet just broke the awful news to us as well... my fiancée & I are heartbroken as we are flying to DR in two weeks for what was supposed to be our site visit & planning session. She suggested their "new" sister resort, "AlSol luxury village," which appears to be the new name for the former fishing lodge on the marina. From the photos she sent, despite discounts, reduced rates, etc - it doesn't even compare to Sanctuary. We have no idea what to do... possibly try to make a December wedding work, wait until renovations are complete, or find a new resort all together (which, thus far, nothing even comes close...). Miche35 - keep us posted on what you decide to do...
  11. Hey @redheadedone - have you been in touch with the new resort about your wedding this June? Are they still honoring your original package or have they changed their packages?
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