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  1. Hello ladies! It's so nice to hear positive reviews from the new brides. So many of you all chose the Gran Caribe and have had great experiences. I am getting married at the royal...anybody here get married there or have any experiences with them? I'm sure it will be pretty much the same thing just wondering if anybody has any experience with them? Thanks Ladies Christian
  2. thanks for the response! I will have to go back & look at the reccomendations for photographers. I have seen del sols work & its AMAZING but it seems like Ive read they are pretty pricey tho right? Not to mention having to pay the resort to pay somebody else to come provide you a service!!
  3. @billandtina Did your letter help at all in dealing with them? Did they budge AT ALL on anything. I havent had a opportunity to talk much in here bec my life is CRAZY right now, but I DEFINITELY read the posts and I feel the same abt the prices for EVERY LITTLE THING. I am getting married at the royal cancun n November 2013. I read ALOT of concerns abt the photographer they use and I am wondering who everybody else is using or who you all may have found that is reasonably priced?? Does anybody have anybody they can suggest and possibly share some photos by chance? The vendor fee on top of the cost of a photographer is RIDICULOUS by the way!! All help will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Happy I read this thread because I have gone back and forth abt the photographer thing. I am getting married at the royal cancun in Nov 2013 & inquired abt the photographer they use and they suggested I view their website and their work on the site looks OK so Im happy to read that its not great work because pictures are VERY important to me. Del Sol does seem to do AMAZING work. Does anybody know their normal package costs??
  5. Aaww man HATE that Im just reading this!! I WOULDVE LOVED 2 b A part of the challenge :-( Lord KNOWS I need to loose the weight!! I imagine its too late to join so will there be another session after this one?
  6. Thats great advice to get things for the guests when you get there assuming that you get there in enough time to do do. The places that you are referring to that have these items cheap, are they close to the resort by chance?
  7. My plan is to get married at The Royal Cancun in November 2013!!! Does anybody here have any specific details about the best places on the resort for the ceremony/private reception? The beachfront chapel is stunning but I am not catholic so that's not a option for me . Any information on the photographer that the resort uses? Do they allow/charge for outside vendors?
  8. Thx Mary! So the 3 day stay I assume the bride & groom pay. Do the photographers actually stay at the resort?
  9. oh ok. Do they have to stay on the resort a certain number of days? I did go go sandals weddingmoons on fb yesterday and looked through the photos but didnt see any from grande riviera
  10. Thanks so much for sharing..this was a big help! How did u handle the rooms for your guests? Did you reserve a certain amount of rooms or allow your guests to make the arrangements on their own?
  11. 6/7 months will FLY BY! I hope U find a photographer as well..Im sure you will! Does Sandals charge to have a outside photographer or is the 3 days they have to be a guest considered their "payment"?
  12. THX SO MUCH MARYMACK!! I will certainly go and check them out on fb bec I have quite a few questions to ask. How did you go about finding a TA certified with Sandals?
  13. HI EMILYJ!! THX 4 ur response! I would ♥ for you to email me the document bec some of these things will help determine the location I choose. $75/per person YIKES!! That can get costly! When is your wedding EmilyJ? I think the Sandals locations are beautiful and they have really nice wedding packages. I only wish the website offered more information on their photo packages and had more sample pics to view
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