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  1. For dinner we chose the ceaser salad the chicken fajita soup the chicken Alfredo dinner and the tiramisu. It was all excellent and everyone commented how good it was! We choose of the eternity menu. For the cocktail hour and appetizers we did that the night before the wedding. It was so much fun and we had tacos, quesadillas, shrimp, and ham rolls. It was all excellent also. Our wedding was at 3. The photographer did pictures from 2:30-4:30. As soon as the wedding was over so like 3:20 we started pictures on the beach and everyone watched and joined in the pictures while having champagne. Then
  2. Oh my I can't think today. Still in vacation mode. I will find out her name and ask my HUSBAND lol not fiancé...gotta get use to that one. She is talk with short curly dark brown hair. She was there every day we were so I'm guessing you could definitely request her
  3. Actually that wasn't her name, that was another persons name! Let me ask my fiancé, there were so many wonderful people I can't remember all their names!
  4. Our photographer was Danny. She is very talk and skinny with short brown curly hair. She was very nice and took any requests we had for our pictures! They sit in a row of desks by the lobby and are there from 9am-10pm everyday
  5. The beach terrace is level with the ground so it is definetly handicap accessible. Also the tequilla terrace has two very tiny steps from the restuarant out the door to the wooden terrace.
  6. Either location is handicap accessible. They have ramps throughout the resort and either location would be very easy to get to with a wheelchair.
  7. DinaQtobe I don't know how to "quote" on here from my phone...but thank you!!! And yes all of our pictures were done by the resort photographer. I know a lot of people don't like their work and complain on here but I thought she did excellent. Also if you use them don't book more services through the wedding package. If you work directly with them after the wedding they offer you better deals. For instance in our meeting with Ramon it was going to be an additional $800 for 60 images and 3 hours...or just an additional $99 per hour with no extra images besides the 24 we got in our package. He t
  8. You can view our slide show on you tube. You can search Amanda and Brandon Hd. The first picture yes is four guys with their back side showing pants down. The photographer added music and it's so sweet, I love it! The slide show is just of pictures we picked for our booked. Again, around 200 of them are Posted on fb.
  9. I just returned from our wedding at the Now Sapphire. It was absolutely perfect! My overall review: Checking in: we had a group of 48 people so the check in was kind of frustrating with a lot of us having the same last name. Some rooms weren't ready and some people had to switch rooms as they were leaking and had standing water. There was a huge rainfall the first day we were there so that wasn't really the resorts fault. Timeshares: the people from the preffered club are really annoying and will try and suck you into a "thank you" meeting with free gifts. They say it takes two minutes of your
  10. I just wanted to let everyone know who hasn't heard from Anel that I heard from her today. She will still be out of the office for another week from her car accident. I was assured by a friend who got married there the planning sheet is not a final thing until you get there. She said they literally plan your wedding in an hour and know what they are doing. Anel assured me today on Facebook that she has everything down and we are good to go and will finalize everything when we get there! No worries to anyone, they will get it taken care of
  11. I emailed Anel over two weeks ago with our final list and resort sheet as our wedding is November 6th. I never heard back and I had a few changes so I emailed her again last week and got an out of office reply that she would be returning October 3rd. I am also friends with her on fb and she has always been super great and quick about responding so I am not sure if she is on vacation or what. She hasn't answered my message to her on fb either which she normally always does. I emailed Ramon today because it's now going on 3 weeks with no response I am down to a little over a month left. I guess
  12. Hi I am getting married there on November 6th. We are also going to rent the sound system there but bring our own music. Does anyone know if we create a playlist on spotify on our iPad if it will work there?
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