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  1. McBride- We actually paid for the royal suites (when we booked) and we sent an email about 2 months before the wedding to an email that Carlota gave me, but I don't have that email saved unfortunately!! So for our room, we knew we were getting the royal suites rooms, but we wanted to have "the best" of the best as some rooms are bigger and laid out differently than others. We ended up getting a room at the back of the building (7030) which has two balconies, as it is on the corner of the building. We had a living room, hallway, big bathroom, and big bedroom. It was also in the modern colours (purple/white) not the traditional old style that you see in some pictures. Our jacuzzi was extra big (bigger than our guests' that stayed at the white sands) and it was on one of the balconies. We did peak in other rooms in the royal suites (when they were getting cleaned-just from the door) haha and we could see that other rooms were more like one big room with pillars and not a division of separate rooms. So we were really happy about getting that room! I can't say for absolute sure that it was the biggest/best that they offer but it was absolutely the best that we saw or any of our guests had. So I would try to get that room. Plus, from our balconies you can see the ocean in the FAR distance haha. This resort is definitely back from the ocean so it wasn't much of a view in terms of ocean, but very pretty still.
  2. Hey ladies I am at work now sneaking in a quick post because I have been sick for the past three days since I got home. I apologize for not being able to put up my review yet, and I know Carlota is leaving this weekend! So I will give you the best advice I can for your wedding-ENJOY IT!! It really will be magical, and it is beautiful there. I have seen all of the sites and they are all beautiful. Also, stay positive about the guest's that have decided not to come. I had a lot of back and fourth with some of my guests and most were important family members and best friends. The thing to remember is that it is you and your future husband that will look back on this day and know that you did it your way and made yourselves happy. Friends and family that can't make it will be able to celebrate with you in a different way and most importantly they will be happy for you and thats all that matters! Take if from a bride that did this two weeks ago at the very same place-you will not regret this. It is a once in a lifetime experience and you will be happy you chose Grand Palladium-we absolutely are!! I am not sure if I will be able to post the pictures on this website-due to copyright from my photographer-I would have to check, but I will post them on facebook so everyone should join carlota's facebook page. I hope to have them posted by next week since this weekend is johnnys birthday and I am working right up until that day so sorry I couldn't get them up sooner! Mickeycelle- I also hired Agustin from Cinematic! I will check out your video at home tonight!! Also any notes on the Royal Suites-we stayed there and it was AMAZING!!!! the best room I saw out of any of our guests' rooms. I will post a video of our room on Carlottas page too next week sometime if I can. We stayed in Room 7030 and I believe it is the biggest room you can get on the resort!! Don't know if we got lucky or if sending off that email to the reservations manager paid off or what! Either way we were so happy with it! Ok gtg back to work
  3. Hey Ladies!!!!!! I am sitting in the Royal Suites Lobby right now at Grand Palladium and my HUSBAND haha is waiting for me to hurry up so we can enjoy the day but I wanted to let you all know that we had an AMAZING wedding!!! It really is so nice here and you all have nothing to worry about! We are half way done our second week here in paradise and when we get home and get our pictures together we will share them on Carlotta´s facebook page and possibly here if I can! Ok got to go! I will write back after we get home!
  4. Also, Claire and Carlotta, I am bringing my dress on board and putting in the overhead compartments since my plane doesn't have a closet. They did tell me that I will board first, and they gave me seats close to the front so I could be off rather quickly-if it goes as planned. I have sandals-silver from aldo, with a tiny wedge heal, not much at all, and are sparkly. I am borrowing them from my sister in law.
  5. Thank you Carlotta! We are wanting the videographer for at least 6 hours (either 3-9 or 2-8). Our ceremony is at 4, and I want to try and get "getting ready" both the guys and the girls, the ceremony, during pictures and the beginning portion of our ceremony (cake cutting, first dance) as well as shots of the resort, that kind of stuff in the video. We are thinking of going with two videographers to help make this happen. Six hours seems like a long time, except it is barely enough time to get all of these details in especially if something goes later than planned or does not start on time. If we had 7 hours that would be perfect but it really is starting to add up so we are not sure if we will do that. I will check that videographer out thank you so much Welcome aak2fast4u. You are getting married two weeks after me! yay! I am starting to really realize just how HOT it is going to be in July there! It really does sound like you have everything in order! What package did you go with? What is your decor like?!
  6. Liana- I know that you can set the tables up in a variety of ways. Whether it is round tables scattered about, or in my case I am doing a "U" shape since we only have about 22 guests that is the best option for us I think. Caseylynn- Thanks for the info on the rose petals. I will want to order those for sure! Carlotta- I can't remember how far back your post was about a videographer (I am pretty sure I remember you saying you did extensive research trying to find one). Who did you end up choosing?? We are in the process of doing research and want to book one now but we are noticing a very big difference in price and in quality! We can't afford to pay thousands of dollars, but we don't want to go too cheap and get a really bad looking video. Right now we are finding some that are about 1700 usd, and they make really great videos, and the resort is offering for cheaper, but I don't have a lot of examples from them to really get a sense of their style. Are we in the right ball park for quality based on what you found? Who are you going with if you don't mind me asking? Jen
  7. Hey everyone, Does anyone have any examples of prices of what bouquets are going to cost?? On the website it says that for a tropical bouquet-something like what Chrestena had, was going to cost $500....that seems completely outrageous to me and I am having such a hard time figuring out what to do. I chose the mayan pearl package in white-so it comes with a white bouquet, but I was going to give that to my maid of honour and get a tropical one for me since you can't substitute, but for $500 I can't justify it. Anyone have prices from them for this stuff??
  8. Welcome to all the new ladies in this forum! Carlotta- I agree giving your OOT bags to your guests during your cocktail party or a welcome dinner would be the best in your scenario. Everyone will all be there and you won't have to hunt anyone down. So easier for you! I have a question for Chrestena and any other bride that had gotten married already here or anyone who might have the answer to this: - we are planning our reception timeline and I was wondering how much time in between courses would be a good amount of time to get a speech in as we want to intersperse the speeches with dinner (at least a few of them).
  9. Hello Ladies Carlota- I am going to look up Antonio on the Palladium website tonight and see if I can get in contact with him! It would put my mind at ease to find out if I could ensure we get a beautiful room! I emailed someone at grand palladium that vanessa had sent me an email for but I never heard anything back from them unfortunately. You must be also getting so excited! Your wedding is a month after mine! After talking with all of the ladies it seems I keep adding things to our budget haha. Now we want the mexican trio possibly, and we are considering the videographer...no regrets right!! Hee hee Normas09- I am a little bit confused with the Grand Azul/La Laguna thing. Vanessa told me that La Laguna was the one overlooking the pool and that Grand Azul was the one that had the trees and nature behind it but you are saying that it is the opposite. Now I am worried she made a mistake and mixed them up because we booked La Laguna because she said it was the one overlooking the pool. This resort is so big haha I maybe will email to clarify this because I definitely want the one over looking the white sands pool! Heatherlynn- You aren't alone !! I go through stages where I am very relaxed about everything and feel like everything is under control....and then all of a sudden I'll have a week where I think there is just so much to do- how will we ever get it done, and that our budget grows by the minute!! Hee hee! I am convinced it's hormonal! I feel bad for my poor fiance, he has to put up with me haha!!
  10. Thanks Carlotta for the information on the rooms! My mom I think is staying in one of those huts so that will be exciting for her! And I will definitely take your advice with putting in a request and going to the palladium addicts website. If I can't figure it out I will be asking you for more details haha ! Thanks so much
  11. Chrestena!! I just watched your video and I love it!! You looked so calm throughout everything and just soooo happy!! That is so amazing thank you so much for sharing that with us!! I can't wait to show my fiancé now the video because we are always searching for new videos of the resort and weddings and I am sure you will get a lot of views on that video!! You looked so beautiful and I wish you and your family the brightest future together!!
  12. Congratulations Chrestena!!! You looked beautiful and SOOO HAPPY!! That is so amazing that you had such a perfect wedding!! I absolutely LOVE reading through all of your comments and reviews and it really does make me take a step back and relax a little about all of the little "details" I have been a little worried about. My fiance sat down for dinner tonight and we looked through your pictures and we are now thinking of getting the spanish trio because of your review! It means so much to us soon to be brides that you and all of the other brides on here have taken the time to come back to this site and give us updates! I can't wait to give my review! I have a question regarding the room you had. You said you were in 3306 and that it was a Mayan suite and that confused me a little. Were you at Kantenah? that is the only building that is 33 that is by the beach and it is on the kantenah side right?? Your room looked so different from any other room I have seen on here! It was gorgeous!! We have booked the Royal Suites in the Yucatan section (the adult only section) and we are really hoping that our room is an updated room with a king size bed but I won't know until I get there and that makes me stress a little! I would hate to get there and it not be updated and beautiful like yours was, and for there to be two double beds in the room (just not that romantic for the honeymoon you know!). Our travel agent said it was the most expensive part of the resort so I would hope that the rooms would be updated in there. Anyone else wondering or worried about the same thing? haha I know we won't be spending much time in the rooms but since there are rooms updated, pictures for getting ready and the overall atmosphere of the room would feel more luxurious at nights if it were!!
  13. Hi Soon to be... and caseylynn So yah I chose white because the pink would clash with my coral colour choice of bridesmaid dress. Unfortunately I guess this is the nature of their packages with Karen Bussen. I understand a bit why they don't want to mix and match the colours as they have gone and "designed this package to be in the Karen Bussen vision" and they do offer the mix and match package (at a very large cost mind you!) but it still is a bummer nontheless! Also, you asked about whether I was bringing any center pieces but again, we have to use the candles and pearls that are included in our package as the center pieces. We can however add our own little touches with regards to name tags, favours and stuff like that. I might also purchase these white star fish to put on the tables as well from a little wedding store I live not far from. It is actually where I bought my bamboo fans from, and they have a website called www.weddingfavours.ca and I can say they are ligit-as Ive been in their showroom which is just a little small store but their website is well designed if you were to order stuff from them. The fans were only $1.50 each and they come in their own little mesh bag. I am a little worried about how much it will cost for the extra bouquet and boutennier and hair flowers that I will be ordering because yah like you girls said they are very expensive. I haven't really looked into ordering flowers from an outside vendor as I was worried about there being minimum orders and high delivery costs. Maybe I should check out that one out that was back around pg 160... It gets overwhelming and the costs just seem to be adding up more and more lol. I will definitely come back and tell you all about my experiences and show pictures of what the set up looks like with the new packages in July!
  14. Hi "soon to be mrs w"! I am also doing the Mayan pearl package now and I have asked Vanessa lots and lots of questions about it. What she said was that you have to choose one of the colours listed and yes it does all have to be in that colour you choose (I chose white). You also have to "use" everything that is in this package- so the flowers you have to "use" but you can order extra bouquets in different colours and flowers (which is what I'm doing / giving the maid of honour my white lilies and ordering a coral bouquet of a different flower for myself (not sure what kind yet). There is however, one of the Karen bussen packages (I think it's the most expensive one) that allows you to mix and match ANY of the decoration/flowers and I think you can mix the colours too (but not 100% sure on that tho). You can also bring extra decor in your colours to add to the stuff already included in the package (ie we are having coral and turquoise maracas, sand ceremony in those colours, star fish for tables in white, fans in turquoise, name tags etc). But you can't take away items that are in the package (ie you must use the centre peices) But if you happen to be told different from what I was told can you please share that with me? it's best to get as much info from as many ppl as we can so we can take advantage of all that is offered to us ! My wedding is in 7 weeks yay!
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