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  1. How did everyone choose their wedding package?? None of colours really match except for white. But dont want it to look like too much white. So hard to know which one....
  2. Hi girls. Just wanted to write about the gift issue. I'm telling people not to worry about gifts as I feel they are not necessary as my guests are paying almost $1500. That said I'm sure a few may still get us some. But I guess everyone has different opinions of this issue. I'm probably going to have a bridal shower and even feel guilty about wanting gifts for that! But my friends/family tell me I shouldn't so I will try!
  3. Oh my goodness Carlota...beautiful flowers! Think I may need to contact your flourist. Dont want to spend too much for flowers thou. That would be awesome if u could download alcohol list. Hope u get lots of rest! Heather
  4. Hi girls! You are all so on top of everything. I still have to march but feel like I haven't done anything except my dress! We still haven't even picked a wedding package yet! I did request La Laguana for reception as we have 40-45 guests. Just worried about what to choose for menu. Can't wait to hear all about your wedding as a lot of them are coming up quickly. I hope you all come back here to check in every once in awhile! Anyone order bridesmaid dresses online ? I have a specific turquoise colour in mind and worried that it will look different in person! Good to hear about dress coming clean after ttd. That's seems like a lot of work thou lol! Still can't decide if I should wear dress or buy another cheap one! All the talk about wine....during private reception guest can still order fancy cocktails and stuff right? OK, all for now...I'm sure I'll have lots of questions soon. Heather
  5. Those are so cute. I was thinking something with a starfish as well. Where did you order them from?
  6. Carlota- you said you were going to la rocos after your dinner? Is that for cocktails or do they have stuff going on there at night?
  7. Normas09- I have seen pics of both but maybe u ave ones I haven't seen? My email is halderwick@gmail.com Thanks! I'm very indecisive so its hard choosing things you can't see or in terms of food eat! I'm probably just worrying too much about everything.
  8. Hi Girls Im getting stressed about choosing menus/packages, options for everything!! My finance really wants a private dinner so 7-11. But our ceremony is at 2pm. Still mad about that. LOL Has anyone has a ceremony at 2 then dinner not till 7? I don't want to pay for a cocktail hour in between either. Do you think this is too much time for guests. I know its a resort so they won't be bored but feel bad with so much time in between. Any thoughts on this? Also it seems most people on here have had reception at La Laguana....is it better than Gran Azul? They seem pretty similar. Everyone keeps saying Destination wedddings should be stress free so why am i stressed? haha
  9. Just want to add to all the praise for Chrestena. I've been torn whether to stay at GP for wedding or have it off site. After reading your positive review I'm leaning toward staying the resort! The only think I'm concerned is the 2 pm ceremony I was given instead of the 4 pm I really wanted. Love reading everyone's reviews and can't wait to read more. Chrestena, u looked great...just started trying on dresses and Maggie Dresses have been my favourite!!
  10. We just have our date so far and the 2:00 time slot given to us. We haven't chose a packages or time for dinner or anything. But yes I guess that leaves time for photos without rushing and people can do their own thing for awhile. And yes I agree I would just have guests all meet up at one of the bars. I know it would be nic fohave a private area with cocktails but can't really justify paying when drinks are free at resort.
  11. Crystal, I have some problem. We wanted 4pm but someone already booked so they are giving us 2pm. Even though I emailed months ago and they just responded now. 2 pm will be when the sun is strongest and then you have to wait awhile for dinner. I understand you can have a cocktail hour but feel its crazy to pay for drinks when its shall inclusicpve resort! Crazy how everything adds up even here. Destination weddings are supposed to be cheaper, lol.
  12. We are going to get married before hand. We dont want to be there for 4 days before wedding and get a blood test. Also would have to get all marriage documents translated into English. Seems to much of a hassle. We are going march 2014, I email WC but have still not heard anything so have no idea if we can get the date we want. Pretty frustrating. Haven't looked for much into packages yet. Good luck
  13. Yay pinterest! Lol, I may ave pinned that same arrangement. I'm getting most of my wedding ideas from pinterest!
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