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  1. I was hoping someone may be able to recommend Signature Drink(s)? I was thinking of something blue and my fiance would like to have a signature drink with spiced rum. I wanted to know if this is an option? I am not sure what exactly is available in terms of alcohol/mix. If anyone has had a signature drink it the past please do share! Much appreciated!!
  2. Hello everyone! I need some advice PLEASE! We are getting married in just a few months and now that our trip is paid I need to get back to wedding planning! I need some advice in terms of Castaways. We have around 40 -45 guests attending. We would like to have a sweetheart table for the 2 of us and I was wondering how many people can sit comfortably around a round table? Is there a certain area recommended for everyone to sit and another for the dance floor? For those of you that have gotten married and used Castaways is there anything you would change looking back or recommendations you have? We are going with the Eternity Package and I am not clear on how many dinner options I can offer our guests.. I was thinking 1 of the package options 1 gluton free option. Can a vegetarian option be given also? Or only if there are food restrictions? Does anyone have Eternity menu dinner recommendations? Any cake / flavour recommendations from the Eternity menu? I am considering getting a hair trial done.. My concern is do you get the same hair dresser the day of the wedding? Can the make-up that is included with the package be substittuted for a hair trial instead? Is it worth my while gettting a hair trial done? I have a pretty good idea of what I would like.. I just wonder if it is a waste going to get my hair done and then having to mess it up so my fiance doesn't see what my hair will look like the day of the wedding.. lol Thanks for your time and hope ya's can help me out! Have a great day!
  3. We are getting married January 16th and I actually already had both my bridal shower and bachelorette recently. For the same reasons you mentioned. Plus we have 2 other weddings to attend in the fall so there will be showers, bachelor and bachelorette party's for those also. I don't feel there has to be a specific time as to when you celebrate. I say do what makes you happy! All the best!!
  4. Could one of you ladies be so kinda and send me the resaurant options too please? decker.wedding@hotmail.com Thanks!
  5. Did you visit the disco any other nights besides your wedding day? I am just curious to know if it is the same idea every night or certain nights only? Do you know when the disco opens? Closes?
  6. Good to know. Did you bring any flower decorations? I am having artificial bouquets made for my wedding party and was wondering if that will be a problem to bring with...? Is there anything you would have done differently in terms of preparation? day of wedding?
  7. Congrats!! Glad everything went great! Can't wait to read all about it
  8. We had to send all of our guests an email with the early booking prices to start off with. We've decided that for those that have already paid their deposit we will send them a save the date in the next month or so. Our wedding will be 8 months away but we are doing this to provide our guests with our wedding website and give them the opportunity to leave posts/ask questions/get excited!! If other guests choose to book with us over the next 6 months we will send them a save the date also. We are going to send our formal invite out 3/4 months prior to departure. For those that aren't going to be able to attend we will most likely just send them a formal invite only. I feel as though that way it is a courtesy in the event they are able to book but we aren't bombarding them with mail (knowing they aren't able to make it)
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I did do that and I really like to outdoor feel (given we are at a resort) I just know fiancé and some guests wouldn't appreciate extreme heat.. I don't care one bit! I would rather hot then cold.
  10. We are getting married in January.. Should I be concerned with the temperature in the evening? From what I've read it shouldn't be as humid that time of year? We are having our reception at Castaway Restaurant. Let me know your thoughts Thanks
  11. Oh and whether the movement of chairs from the beach ceremony to Castaway restaurant will cost extra also.
  12. Hi IronMan, I understand you have a PDF file in regards to pricing for chairs and such. We have decided on the Eternity package and our guests exceed 25+ so I was hoping to find out what it would cost in addition for our guests besides dinner costs in terms of seating arrangements/chairs/chair covers or what not. I am not sure if there is an extra cost. (I am hoping not) but if you could email any info you have to me that would be much appreciated! decker.wedding@hotmail.com Thanks! Elisabeth
  13. Oh good thanks! I think the organza is nice. It give that light airy feel. and it is also lighter for packing! Which is nice Oh perfect I actually like the look of the white covered chairs so if there is no extra costs for those that would make me happy. Are you using the white covered chairs? I don't mind paying the $40 set up fee but if I am gonna have to pay extra per person for a dinner and an additional charge for the chair in addition to that I wouldn't be too happy! I feel that should be included.. I will look up IronMan and ask if he could email be the file. Thanks!
  14. Wonderful thank you for clarifying that Do you think Pilar/the staff at Now Jade is flexible in terms of how many people you would prefer to have sit at each table? Or does it have to be 8? I think 10 would probably be cramped but 9 should be fine. Are you having to pay extra for the additional guest dining at the reception in terms of chairs? What chairs are you using at Castaways? Thanks again
  15. I purchased chair sashes and table runners. They are made of organza and because they are folded over in the packaging they are going to have creases in them once they are taken out. Does anyone know whether the staff at Now Jade will steam the sashes or take out the creases before decorating? Also I am confused in terms of chairs.. We have chosen the Eternity Package. During the reception I understand we pay an additional cost for any additional guests in addition to 25. Do we need to pay extra to have extra chairs set up also? During the beach ceremony we have more then 25 guests also. What chairs do we get? Do we have a choice? Do they automatically come with the white covers? Does it cost extra? I know that the staff will decorate the chairs with the sashes we are bringing. Will these chairs be transferred to the Castaway Restaurant (reception) after the ceremony? Thanks!!
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