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    March 30, 2014
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    Riu Santa Fe - Cabo
  1. knelson

    Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

    I am bringing flowers down with me (fake ones that look real) as they are way cheaper then paying for real ones down there and everyone keeps theirs as a keepsake. we got the royal package also as the caprice didnt interest me as im not getting my hair done at the resort, we are booking thru suzanne morel as her reviews are amazing!! we also are usign that photographer too only for 3 hrs as i only wanted the ceremony and group photos done. everoyne attending has cameras and will be tkaing photos
  2. knelson

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    Do you have the 2014 pricing list already? I dont think it has come out yet, they seem to change the options every year and i believe in 2013 the private place was the english garden(plate service) or the asian or steakhouse (private but dont pay per plate) Im having more then 50 people attending my wedding so we are unable to use the semi private room for the dinner as you automatically have to book a private event when you have over that number. ALSO you can have a bar at a private event (not at the semi private) I am march 31, 2014 so im in the same boat.
  3. knelson

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    also the private venues, one goes for 600$ and for buffet the plate is between 36-60 dollars the non buffet menu is more expensive
  4. knelson

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    I talked to the person booking the riu again and she said something about you can book just the resturant for a fee and dont need to pay per plate (lets hope she is right) remember that as soon as you go over the amount of people that is allowed in the wedding package you have to pay a extra 22 dollars per person, as we have the royal package so we get 20 people for free then pay for the other say 35 people attending. she said the wedding planner wont contact us 2014 brides for a while as she is workin gon 2013 brides right now
  5. knelson

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    We just got confirmation that our wedding date is submitted, march 31, 2014 at the RIU Santa Fe! We love the RIU, it was our first trip together, I cannot wait till our special day BUT it seems like a headache talking to the people who cofirm your wedding, theres so many things that have changed! We have aprox 50-60 guest comming, we booked the royal package which is for 20 people and each extra person is 22 extra (which we were fine with) After i got my wedding confirmed she said if i have over 50 people I will have to book a private dinner event, Which looking at the 2013 pricing will be 600 for the venue and 26-60 dollars extra per person (for buffet). Am i the only one who thinks that is silly to pay extra at a all inclusive hotel? like 60 dollars a plate is ALOT
  6. knelson

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    were going to be booking our wedding date this month for april 2014 at the riu santafe. We stayed at the santafe a few years back and absolutely love everything about this resort and city so there was no doubt in our minds that we would get married there. if you need any help with knowing anything about cabo or the resort send me a mesage