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  1. I was super nervous about the hair and makeup but I had it done at the hotel and she did a great job!!!
  2. So on my plane they did not have a closet so I just looked in the overhead bins for one that had small carry ons and just layed my dress over the top of them all and it did get a little bit squished but I had a girlfriend bring her mini clothes steamer and she just steamed it before the wedding and it worked out just fine. You can also have the hotel steam and press it I believe it was around $25 to do that there
  3. You should definitely feed the photographer... They have a vendor meal that you can ask your wedding coordinator to have for them it's a sandwich, soda, and chips I believe.
  4. So the alternative ceremony is at the garden rooftop lounge which is cute! The reception alternative locations are just normal banquet rooms.
  5. Hi! So we got 6 strings of Christmas lights that were 25ft each and they worked great!! I would def still get the lights for the lanterns they just make the lanterns look so much prettier!! We used black organza bows on the reception chairs with the white satin chair covers they provide and we used bright pink organza bows on the ceremony chairs and I really liked the way it looked a lot. Also I would bring recipes for everything as a just in case I just kept them in a folder so I would have easy access to them while going trough customs hope this helps!
  6. I think you will definitely want more than an hour... We had 7 hours and it was great because she got shots of me getting ready with my bridesmaids, then did a first look with my husband and I , then a bunch with family and bridal party, the ceremony,then during cocktail hour we did a bunch of just my husband and I , and 2 hours of the reception so I had a whole bunch of different locations which was awesome.. An hour goes by fast so u might be disappointed with just that!
  7. Love the pics you posted!!!! Will def be posting a full review soon once I have caught up with work ( not awesome to be back at work lol! ) was amazing meeting u and spending time with u as well
  8. Hi! So we just got back from our wedding and I was really worried about those things as well. I did have my mom and my MOH take the jewelry for the bridesmaids and I gave them receipts but they didn't have anything checked. When my husband and I got there they asked if we had any gifts and we told them about some stuff but they never asked for receipts but we did have them just in case!! it was actually really easy going through customs. We packed all the stuff for the welcome bags and then just put them together when we got there and it was way easier that way. We did have an issue with the coordinator meeting but they fixed it. You don't find out when your meeting is until the day you arrive and they had scheduled it during my hair trial. They wouldn't change it at first but after a few phone calls they did so it worked out. I would make your appointments and specifically ask your wedding coordinator you are working with now to make sure they let the coordinator in Mexico when your appointments are. Everything was amazing so just relax and know you are going to have the time of your life!!!!
  9. Just got back today from my wedding and it was AMAZING!!! Will send a full report tomorrow but wanted you to know I have an extremely sensitive stomach and i was completely fine there!!the food is great i was so happy qith it and so were all of my guests....i did take pepto bismal pills with me and every once in a while i took one and i had no issues!! quote name="april9639" url="/t/23412/azul-sensatori-brides-post-here/16500#post_1907947"]Hi ladies! My wedding is almost 30 days away and I am getting sooo excited!! To all past brides has anyone had any issues with gettin sick from the food or have any guests complain about getting sick? I know it's gormet inclusive so I was hoping this is not the case. I have a few guests that swear they will get dissentary while in Mexico. I also had a co-worker who's husband is a dr and the go to all of the Karisma and eldorado resorts and reccomend going to the dr to get a provenative antibiotic to help fight any foreign bacteria. Let me know your expiernced and thoughts!! Thanks!
  10. So we don't have an exact time line but our reception starts at 7 and we are going to have the dj announce our wedding party and then us .... Right after we walk in he will announce our first dance and then do the father daughter dance and then the mother son dance .... Then about 20 minutes of everyone dancing and when the first course is served we will have the dj announce the speeches for maid of honor and best man .... Not sure about the cake cutting probably a few minutes before dessert is served though ... Definitely want to get the dances and speeches done right in the beginning though so the rest of the night we can just relax and party!!
  11. Ya am def gonna have money ready as well... I certainly don't want to under tip anyone and I've heard really good things about doremixx... But yeah if the assistant is literally just there for a few minutes to set up am not sure I would tip him ... As for the dj though I think I will for sure give him something... I cocktail waitressed for so long that I just always want to make sure people are properly tipped :-) I think I will probably not tip the minister though but give something to the wedding coordinator if they do a great job and definitely extra to the servers and bartenders
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