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  1. Wow... I'm glad your wedding still turned out beautiful but def can see how these minor issues (not so minor to me lol) could have cause so much stress and irritation! I'm about 2 weeks away but it def gives me a lot to think about before having that meeting with my coordinator. Congratulations however and can't wait to see pictures!
  2. Wow!! love this!! I will be stopping at dollar tree today... i might be able to do just an order cause they currently have the clear cups available in a case of 24! and I will def do the etsy purchase as well! thanks ladies!!
  3. Wow this looks incredible!! I am also getting married in Riviera Maya so unfortunetly unable to do this!
  4. Bare with me guys... I've been super busy and have not been able to log in and mingly with you guys lol!! I love the pink and gold with the coral!! I will def put up pics of how mine turns out but cant wait to see yours!!! Congrats!!! I am bringing chair sashes, table runners, my own centerpieces, straws, programs, fans, bubbles, im making a "take-a-photo guestbook" so ill br bringing props as well. I'm thinking of doing a cute/simple pin-up seating chart for everyone b/c I'm only having about 20 ppl coming. Congrats!!! And trust me I am a procrastinator as well!! I have read several reviews that the resort has daily activities for the guests so I really wouldnt worry about your guests being bored I am sure they were enjoy it ALL!!! Btw cant wait to see your pics and review! Congrats on your wedding!!! I have not really asked for credits on my package but instead have tried to use the items towards other days: for example i am having an outside photographer so I asked if the photographer in the divine package can be used for a trash the dress on another day, I am also having an outside make-up and hair dresser come in so I am giving my mom the hair/makeup provided in the divine package to my mom, etc. I think that it is easier for them to try and accomadate you on another day for items in your package then to credit something back to you... i would prefer the credit lol As for the rehearsal dinner- I am having it in the buffet restaurant b/c there is no charge and they will reserve tables for you. Good luck with everything! Congrats Megan I cant wait to see your picures and review!!!! Congrats!! I am also cuffing up the money for the DJ... my fiancee just wasnt into the whole wedding app... although i have read many reviews that brides LOVED IT!! I cant wait to see your pictures and review!!! I sent my Save the Dates about a year in advance and the invites about 6 months in advance. I did not include food options b/c I was told it would be one set meal for everyone. Although i did have some guests chose a different entree due to allergies and the wedding coordinator was helpful about that. (Sorry for all these replies lol)
  5. Its a shame you got sick... but you look great in your pictures! BTW awesome job with getting everything ready before the wedding!
  6. Wow!! I LOVED it all!!! you did an incredible job with EVERYTHING!! KUDOS!
  7. Love this idea! I'm going to order the Polaroid 300camera. How much film did past brides use?? Kinda pricey
  8. I liked NOWE009 its on the guide under the NOW to Eternity Bouquets. My colors are coral and mint. My plan is to ask for them all in white and just add afloral orchids and lilies in the colors coral. And i actually found out about afloral.com on forums here- I was skeptical of how they would look since they are fake but after seeing pictures the ladies on here use them for DIY centerpieces, bouquets, etc. I was sold; I just ordered a batch so I’ll let post how they feel and look.
  9. Hey Ladies, So i was quoted for the DJ $350 per hour... so I was planning on hiring the DJ for 3 hours meaning $1,050.00. But as I was looking at the NJ Wedding Guide I saw that it said DJ $1,000 for 4 hours. Now the 4 hours seems like the better deal... could i use the DJ for the Cocktail hour, which is in the Mix Bar, and then the reception in the Bamboo Room?? Did anyone else get quoted the same? Thanks girls! Annette So as far as waterproof make-up... I was just going to purchase anything that said "Waterproof" lol but if you did that already and they were really "waterproof" then I'll probably purchase a couple of things and let you know how it works out. For bridal bouquet I decided to go with one of their options i saw... I actually have the Divine Package but I saw a sample on their guide from the Eternity package that i liked and i was going to order a couple of flowers from afloral.com and add them on. I'm actually making a couple of boutonnieres for the groomsmen and the bridemaid bouquets using afloral.com. Check them out!
  10. Hey girls... does anyone know what DJ NOW Jade offers?? I just want to see if there are any reviews on the site. We will probably be hiring them but wanted to know the experience past brides had...
  11. Omg! I'm so excited! i actually hired them for my wedding at the end of May and this review has made me much more comfortable about having them!! great review!
  12. Hey ladies, so jeez my day is literally around the corner!!! and i must say I AM VERY EXCITED! I'm still purchasing extras for the doecoration and welcome bags. I have a question has anyone worked with Fernando Hernandez as their wedding coordinator?? I was just wondering since i knew Pilar was away for a while for maternity leave.... just want to make sure I'm getting someone on top of things!
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