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  1. Do you know what else the $1500 includes? I'm just a bit confused if it also includes the decor?
  2. Hi ladies! Just wondering what everyone is doing to for wedding favors? I have been trying to think of something local to give as favors so it feels authentic and we won't have to bring it with us. Here are some ideas that I have had so far, hot sauce, brugal rum, or mamajuana. I am really leaning towards the mamajuana, just really concerned of the cost. We did a site inspection in June and I remember seeing a nice bottle with a "leather" case that had the flag and DR on it for about 220 pesos but it was only the bark and no alcohol. Has anyone else purchased this or seen prices?
  3. Could you forward it to me also? Ksaeuong@yahoo.com
  4. Hi everyone! For those of you who have confirmed your date with Mayte, did you guys all send her a deposit yet?
  5. I was just wondering the same thing! Please let me know if you find out.
  6. Hey everyone! Does anyone know where I can see a video of Pastor York performing a ceremony? Right now I am in between him or asking a close relative to perform our ceremony. Any suggestions?
  7. Just wondering if you could put a link to this FB page. Apparently there are a few on FB but it seems like the one you are on is the one that Mayte posts on.
  8. I am trying to figure out what the set up cost is because when I look at the document Mayte sent me she said it was $1500 up to 50 people. I will be having around 70, so I am not sure what she charges, or if she charges when you have more people. Do you remember how much she charged you? I am also trying to get a ballpark figure of what fresh flowers are going to cost. :::Sigh:::
  9. Congrats on your wedding! I'm so happy to hear everything worked out well for you. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some info of your wedding, I'm sure lots of details are prob still fresh in your mind. I know lots of brides would to know which menu, drink package, decor cost, and entertainment. If you have the total cost of your wedding, that would be extremely helpful!
  10. Hello Everyone, I was wondering how much is it costing everyone for decorations and flowers for your ceremony and reception at the Jellyfish? Did you send pictures of what you wanted to Mayte and she gave you a quote? I feel like when I ask her about things like that she is a bit too vague for comfort. Please help!
  11. This is the address I found on trip adviser: Kilometro 0, Carretera Bavaro Punta Cana Dominican Republic
  12. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has had the live band at the jellyfish? I was just reading the list that Mayte had sent and it said that the DJ is $700 but if you get the live band its $1500 including the DJ. Wondering if it would be worth it to get the live band or not...Please weigh in if you have information!
  13. All your oot bag contents look amazing!!! Do you mind sharing which etsy shop you got your stuff from? ( thank goodness for etsy lol)
  14. Maybe you will have to call and speak to her personally. I found that when I would send an email not all of my questions would be answered. I know that most times when she checks her emails she has over 100 of them to answer at a time. She might be rushing through them.
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