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  1. Hi Kldunning, Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I chose RD for a couple of different reasons...first being the price (although I still don't have the actual quotes for Nov.2014 yet) and the other reason for something different. Everyone goes to Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican, Mexico. Not one person who will be travelling with us have ever been to Panama. I received the wedding package information from the wedding coordinator at the resort and their prices are sooooo much better than what I've seen from other destinations, so that helped me make my decision too. I've read thousands of reviews of the RD and although there are some negative reviews there are soo many positive ones. We are travelling with what I anticipate will be a large group and the size of the RD is perfect for that as I don't know that I would want to be on a small resort with 50 something people that I know and every time you go outside your room you are with them the whole trip...know what I mean. At least with the RD its so big that if my FI and I want to escape we can do that. Have you booked your trip yet? Do you have pricing for March 2014 yet? I asked my agent when I can expect to receive quotes for Nov.2014 and she figures it'll be about a year out from our date...which sucks cause I'm just a tad bit anxious. Well keep in touch with your wedding plans and I will do the same. Us Panama brides seem to be very few. Wishing you the best of luck!
  2. Thanks ladies...its the negative reviews that completely scare me. One review I read said that all the good reviews are lies and posted by the company and another review I read the bride's dress was the wrong size, not the right colour and was ripped. I still haven't quite decided what I'm doing yet, I just know I want a beautiful dress for very little money and thought ordering from Dressilyme would solve this problem for me.
  3. I just found the wedding dress I really want on "Dressilyme"...does anyone have any feedback for that website. The dress has been on many of the "knockoff websites" but the cheapest seems to be Dressilyme.
  4. Did the resorts that you booking your symbolic wedding with have a separate package for a symbolic wedding? I'm in touch with the wedding coordinator at the resort we are planning to go to and I said we are planning a symbolic wedding and was wondering if the packages were the same...she sent me themed party packages at really high prices....eeek...little nervous now.
  5. My FI and I are planning our wedding in Panama and we just got all of the requirements from the wedding coordinator...seems to be much like Mexico (blood/urine tests required and all documentation to be translated into Spanish), so with that I think we are now leaning towards a symbolic wedding. I don't think we are going to tell anyone though just keep it to ourselves. Most of the posts I've read regarding symbolic weddings the bride and groom usually go to city hall prior to going away...I'm thinking we'll do the legal part of it when we come back so as to not take away from our special day in Panama, which will of course be the day we will forever celebrate. Any thoughts on doing the legal wedding after the symbolic wedding?
  6. Well I got a response back from the resort quite quickly actually...but unfortunately not the information I needed. I forgot to include what resort I wanted wedding information from. Hopefully I will get a further response sooner than later. Happy Wedding planning in the next 5 months to you. I hope all goes just as you dreamed it would
  7. Wow!!! Your dress is stunning...I am considering ordering a dress from either Jasmines or Babyonline but am so worried that it will look like a knockoff...were you completely happy with your dress?
  8. My MOH says that my dress (the light pink one) will fade in comparison to the coral bridesmaid dresses and that I won't stand out enough. I love the way the light pink and coral colours look together though.
  9. I found a dress on babyonline that I absolutely love..its a very light pale pink..I'm planning to have my bridesmaid dresses in coral...any opinions if these two colours will look good together in pictures?
  10. Thanks for your reply Melissa14...my agent is great she touches base with me at least every other day and lets me know that she hasn't heard anything from the resort yet...I am trusting her that she is being honest with me..I hope she is. I did find an email for the resort yesterday through google so I've sent them an email as well and haven't heard anything yet but its only been one day. You are so right now is the time when I'm trying to budget and see what I need to come up with...its so frustrating when I can't move forward. It really doesn't sit well with me because I'm such a control freak..haha.
  11. My travel agent still haven't gotten any quotes yet or even wedding information from my resort...I know its still quite a ways away as we aren't going until November 2014 but I was hoping to at least see the different wedding packages offered or something. Can anyone answer how many months before your dates did you get your quotes?
  12. Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what type of dress I want, just know I want it to be not big and poofy. I have a couple of styles in mind. I think I may go wedding dress shopping see what I like then check out the Jasmines link to see if what I like can be made from there.
  13. Question regarding your dress...were you afraid it wouldn't fit properly? Did you go to wedding shops and try on certain styles to determine what suited you best before you ordered it? Did you provide your measurements or did it just come in a certain size?
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site and still trying to navigate around to learn more. My FI and I are planning to be married at the Royal Decameron, Panama, in November 2014. We are still very early into the planning and waiting to hear back from the travel agent with the prices, etc. This is both of our 2nd time getting married but still want our wedding to be very special. I'm a bit of a control freak so this destination wedding thing is a little hard for me as it seems from what I'm reading you don't really get a lot of the little details worked out until the week before the wedding or even a couple of days before the wedding. Any advice that can be offered as to help plan in advance would be greatly appreciated. Are there any other brides getting married in Panama or know of anyone who has?
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