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  1. does anyone have a copy of the wedding words of a legal ceremony?.... if you do please could you email them to me, Many thanks in advance kelly
  2. hello people Could someone be kind enough to email me the Divine Wedding package planning form? Many thanks Kelly kellybennett187@gmail.com
  3. Hey guys, its been ages since my last post, as now I seem to have gotten over my initial excitement of getting confirmation!!!! I have a question and I hope someone can help... Ive got several outside vendors planned/booked for our wedding.... We are having Sweetfire photography (2 people)..... Cancun Wedding Video (not sure how many people, probs 2).... and Luka Makeup Studio (for both hair and makeup- I think 2 people again) Will pilar charge me for all these people to come onto the resort??? Gosh the price seems to be getting more and more by the day, I am hoping that she will waiver the outside vendor free. Kelly
  4. This may seem like a random question but does anyone know if you can take sea shells through customs in Mexico- ive seen this fab idea for my little ring bearer and flower girls Thanks for your help
  5. hi ya, I noticed on pg 1 it says that the canopy is 6ft by 6ft- is that the beach canopy- im just trying to organize getting my own fabric for the set up... do you think I should use organza fabric??
  6. hi ya, yeh this was my issue too, my ceremony is 4pm-5pm, i think your time scedules is a great idea- i think i will copy you!!!! i also think 3 hours isnt long enough at all- we will defo pay for the extra hour... imagine if you didnt add the family pics hour your reception would finish at 9pm...!!!!!
  7. If the reception is only 3 hours long... why can you hire the DJ for 4 hours... that doesnt seem right!!! Ive asked the following question before but I cant seem to find it on the thread as there are soooooo many pages now!! If our wedding is at 4pm...and cocktail hour is 5-6pm.... what would be the time frame for everything else? how are you guys doing it?
  8. hi ya, ive asked this question before but not sure if anyone knows the answer... do you know if there is any flexibility on paying the outside vendors fee- we are going for the divine package but im opting for an outside makeup artist to come in...for my make up and tattoo covering?? Oh and with the wedding planning form- is it best to put all the add ons you want on the form or wait untill you get to the resort, has anyone waited and got a better deal??? kelly
  9. hi ya me again... Does anyone know how much pilar charges for flowers per chair for the ceremony... and how much she charges for a different beach canopy set up???
  10. Ahhhh thank you, Im not a trad girl... and when I saw this dress I didnt like it untill I tried it on... tbh I think I look a little better than the model as I have some curves!!!! Had a look at yr pinterest....youve got some great bits n pieces on there!!!!.... check mine out... im just starting out so theres not much on there!!! https://pinterest.com/kellyb187/
  11. hi ya ladies.... Im stuck for bridal hair ideas... here is a pic of my dress... My hair will be mid length by the time I get married and its really thick... I know I want to go for something unstructered... here are my ideas... Any ideas you guys have would be great, as im going round in circles.....
  12. thank you for the advice, how did you find the weather in general...Im hoping it will be hot!!! Must search for these veil weights, I can see american websites that sell them but so far i cant find any in the UK!!!
  13. I cannot decide wether to wear a veil or not, we are getting married on 19th Feb next year at 4pm on the beach and have heard that it can be quite windy??? I really want to wear one but dont fancy the idea of it blowing around in the wind during the ceremony, anyone been there around that time of year that can give me some advise... I might just buy one n see what its like when i get there???
  14. theres a guy called fernando that does it- the website is http://the-makeup-pros.com/ His actual email address is- themakeuppros@hotmail.com To be honest im still trying to find out prices, im in conversations with him now!!! I will let you know when hes advised me!!! Im just hoping not to have to pay the $350 outside vendors fee!!!!