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    2013 Grand Palladium Jamaica Brides

    Question for already married ladies: Did anyone get their makeup done at the resort? I want to do my own but my maid of honour wants to have us both get it done there. I'm a little apprehensive.
  2. yoteach

    2013 Grand Palladium Jamaica Brides

    I'm getting married on March 11. I just got an email from the spa tonight. When do I hear about things like the photographer? Do I need to email and specifically ask? I saw a package a few months ago but the website got updated and now I can't find it. Help!
  3. yoteach

    2013 Grand Palladium Jamaica Brides

    Congrats! What time of day are you getting married? What package are you going with? I think it's smart if someone in your family is willling to do the pictures! Not long ago, I was browsing a Palladium site that outlined the extra costs for additional photos, videography, etc. and now I can't seem to find it. Have you seen a site like this? I am trying to compare additional professional photos at the resort with an outside vendor.
  4. yoteach

    2013 Grand Palladium Jamaica Brides

    I am getting married March 11, 2013. I am just starting now to look into photographers. The wedding package we selected says it includes "Wedding Portraits". Would this be done by True Colours Photography? What if we booked a different photographer? I just browsed Stacey Clarke's work and it's beautiful. The other thing I can't seem to find is pricing...