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  1. Hi Ladies I am leaving for my wedding in 10 days in Cancun, Mexico. I too have silk real/touch flowers, but all my bouquets have pins in the stems to keep the ribbon/handle together. What are your suggestions as to traveling with them? Should I check them in my luggage OR carry them on in a small suitcase? I am worried about the pins and TSA regulations. Let me know your thoughts. My email is sarahpoliachik@gmail.com
  2. My wedding website is http://poliachikvanamerongen.ourwedding.com Let me know if I can help further. Sarah
  3. My wedding website is http://poliachikvanamerongen.ourwedding.com Let me know if I can help further. Sarah
  4. I love your invites and the pink and black colors. I'm getting married in October 2013 and I sent Save the Dates out in Ocotber 2012. Most of our guests have booked with our travel agent. We are also not registering for gifts as we would like our family and friends to come celebrate with us in Mexico. Do we still need to send out formal invitations? I welcome any suggestions. My email is sarahpoliachik@gmail.com
  5. For those of you who asked for the weddings script....i sent it tonight via email. Stay in touch....we can help each other plan. Sarah
  6. your bouquets look great!! Thanks for sharing pictures with us...great insight
  7. Sorry about your frustration and I'm with you on the slow response with the wedding planner from DRC. I am getting married in Oct, but haven't heard from anyone since the beginning of April. I just spoke with my travel agent and she said June is the busiest time of the year for brides. I understand that but it is certainly no excuse for the wedding planner or resort. If I hear anything I will certainly share with you.
  8. Hi Ladies Does anyone have the following information that they could send me via email. I need the Silver Menu Options for appetizers/dinner AND the Dreams of Love Wedding Package Inclusions. I haven't been able to reach Lorena in over a month and I would like to complete my wedding planner document. My email is sarahpoliachik@gmail.com Thank you in advance for your help. Sarah
  9. Thank you for sharing photos...they were wonderful!
  10. Hi Ladies~ I'm new to this website and forum, but I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts. I am getting married at DRC on 10-11-13 and I am currently working with a travel agent as well. My travel agent has been amazing and I strongly suggest working with one because they can communicate directly with the resort if needed. As for the wedding planner at DRC, Evangelica, she has been great! We do a lot of emails back and forth and there is usually a two day response delay. I keep my questions very specific and she responds to what I need. I hope to continue to communicate with you all. -Sarah-
  11. Loved your wedding review. I am getting married at DRC on 10-11-13 and trying to decide where to have my reception/dinner. Any suggestions for me?
  12. Kate~Congratulations...your wedding looked amazing!! This was a fantastic review and just what i needed to read. I'm getting married at DRC on 10-11-13 and I can't tell you how much reading your review helped me. Thanks again, Sarah
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