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  1. I was also think of the string lights... but they aren't the cheapest way to decorate. Also who knows how many electric outlets there are out there. The blue led lights where part of the do package... I totally loved the way they made the pool area look! We just got married last fri.. so as more pics surface I can post them
  2. Anyone want to have a blue wedding.... PM me if ur interested in my decorations 70 chair sahses, matching fabric for gazebo, fabric flowers & votive candles... all easy to travel with and looks nice as decorations if i say so myself lol also feel free to ask any other questions, just got married at NOW last week!
  3. I brought down my own chair sashes (75), matching blue fabric for the gazebo, 72 votive candles, like 400 fabric flowers, and blue little stones. Knowing i would be paying a set up fee didnt bother me since the decorations were all diy (so i was able to make it inexpensive) everyh ting is now for sale if anyone is interested.. pm me!
  4. Beautiful shade of blue! 65 chair sashes, matching fabric to decorate a gazebo for ceremony shades of blue flowers for table decor 60 votive candles shipping from NJ
  5. wedding sashes for sale all blue with matching fabric for the gazebo 60 votive candles and blue shades of flowers for table decor pm me for more info
  6. Hey girls..... whats the thoughts on paying for the premium bar for your wedding.... Im torn idk what to do.... we have 60 people coming and not all drink so it would be like another 500 bucks idk ugh
  7. Heres my opinion on the rooms. I have 57 guest booked for my wedding... if they booked the cheapest room to stay thats on them. Honestly thats the least of my concerns... thats how they wanted to plan their vacation. I paid the money for us to be in the preferred pool room because thats what I wanted. If my guest wanted it they could have clicked that box as well... they picked their room. Dont stress
  8. Ok so i am just starting to plan for my nov 8 2013 wedding. as of now one of my wedding guest is my photographer so thats done. from this thread I have learned about the needing 2 sets of chair sashes... so if i do chair sash I will keep that in mind. But my question is about a dj, does anyone know the fee of hiring an outside company? DJ Mania has been in contact with me more then Now and I feel it mat be easier to do business with them lol. As of now we have 54 people coming. so I guess I should start figuring somethings out. Thanks for any info you all want to share
  9. I'm right with you.. our wedding is Nov 8 2013... haven't done much as far as planning, so far we have 54 people booked. debating between the in house DJ or hiring an outside company. then how to decorate light weight in the suitcase for the travel and light weight on the wallet lol any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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