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  1. Thanks Christina! We absolutely LOVED working with you on your invites!!! And we love love love your colors! The added "palm-tree charms" were a unique touch, great idea!! Vanessa and Dave Read more: http://diy.weddingbee.com/topic/vanessas-diy-destination-wedding-passport-invites-038-rsvp-boarding-passes#axzz2P2p6NCRz
  2. Thanks!! I must've just jumped the gun too quickly. Because now when I post, it doesn't say "Because you're new..." anymore! I think the badge was updated before my actual privileges did! Anyways, it's all good now!!
  3. BEAUTIFUL colors! I love the metallic paper you choose throughout your passport! Where did you get your paper from??
  4. I've just donated to be a supporter! This site is so great and has helped probably millions of brides plan their tropical weddings, mine included! The frustrating part is the forum post count thing. 150 is unreasonable. Could take me years!! I became a supporter so I could respond to posts quicker and be able to share files, but it still says "Because you're new...." whenever I post something! I'm not new!! Can we relax the forum post count number a bit, or at least for us supporters please?? The 150 requirement almost encourages spamming doesn't it?? And the quote below is misleading... "To reach "junior member" status you need to have a minimum of 150 posts. - or - You can by-pass the post count by purchasing a Site Supporter membership. To Purchase a Supporter Membership to download attachment in lieu of the post count requirement please follow these instructions." I thought by becoming a supporter I would also become a junior member. If you read the above quote, it is easy to understand why I might have come to this conclusion! Please let me know if there is anything you can do about letting me finally attain junior member status, so I can be more active in the boards. Thank you, Vanessa
  5. Our wedding was ceremonial only. And it was beautiful! We waited to do the whole legal/courthouse thing until after we got back form Mexico. It just made it simpler to wait because then we didn't have to worry about the name change/passport stuff.
  6. Here are pictures of our reception in the bamboo room! I think the walls are neutral/white, but just remember, up-lighting can be custom-tailored to your colors!!!
  7. Their tshirts are not good. Go somewhere else. There are specialty shops at the mall that can make these for you and you can actually pick out which shirt style you want and try it out. I got a cute swimsuit coverup and barbie doll tshirt at one these places.
  8. Happy Wedding!!!! Let us all know how it went!!! We got married in August and the forecast said it would thunderstorm all week! Only rained once and it was for just a couple hours at night!!! Everything will be just awesome I'm sure of it!!!
  9. gorgeous flowers!! Something to keep in mind, if the resort can't get the color you want, they have a professional company that airbrushes them at no extra charge! That's right, they will make any flower any color for you!! We'd never heard of it before but they turned out really nice and no one even knew they were "painted"! Just thought I'd mention the option...
  10. I believe they use their on-site contract company now "Adventure Photos". There are several photographers that work there, so if you're picky, you should do a test photo shoot with them on one of the days before your wedding, to see if he/she meshes well with you. It's free!! And you may even get a beautiful picture from it too!!
  11. Every bride and groom on here should realize what they're dealing with. IT is VERY common for Carribbean cultures to negotiate prices. And the Now Jade is no different. We got married there last August and they changed the price of renting the projector THREE TIMES because we complained that it was too high! We were seriously going to buy/bring our own and then they reduced the price to be more reasonable. The more wedding extras you get, the more you should negotiate with them, via email. Get it in writing. When we showed up at the resort they tried to charge us more again for things, but then we showed them what Pilar/Deisy had promised us already.
  12. OMG!!! Just stunning!! Excellent photography work!!! Our photographer did a great job, but not enough pictures of our decorations :/
  13. over-the-top amazing and speechless!!! can i ask, how much did you spend on each package??
  14. An iPod is free and you can put whatever mix you want on it!! The sound equipment and lights were only a few hundred bucks We'd definitely go that route again!
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