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  1. Can you buy sparklers in punta Cana of can you bring them on the plane
  2. ladies, We are thinking about making dinner reservations for our wedding guests the night before our wedding and then wanted to do a sunset cruise if available. Does anyone have any information on a Sunset cruise operation??? Also what restaurant would you recommend for a classy sit down dinner the night prior to our wedding with all 45 of our guests?? Lastly, We wanted to do sparklers at the end of the night , anyone have a company they recommend or size of sparkler either 20" or 36". All of your input and information is much appreciated!!
  3. Hi ladies! I'm on the search for a dj as well! Do you have to pay an outside vendor fee for RS entertainment?!
  4. Does anyone have a photo of the bikes used to get around the resort by chance?
  5. Does anyone know if we can light those wishing lanterns on the beach in the Dominican Republic?
  6. Alright ladies, for those of you who have recently performed a site visit or have recently been married at the gazebo location, what do you think about heels walking down the aisle???? Is that doable or should I have my bridesmaid wear a "wedge" vs. "heel"
  7. Stupid question: I was working on my expenditure xcel sheet and cant remember, does the 500 dollars that we paid to the resort to "reserve" our date go toward our final payment??
  8. I hear you girl. I need to get things organized and lately I've had no motivation or drive:( will you let me know what you find out?!
  9. We Are interested in hosting a welcome dinner. We were initially going to have a beach BBQ with fire dancers at the end to get everyone excited about our wedding the next day. Later we switched to having reservations at Gabi beach. Now we are thinking we would like to do dinner at Gabi and the take a sunset cruise or something on a catamaran/ boat. Does anyone have any information on such a thing!? We just wanted to be extra special and kind of a thank you to our guests!
  10. Hey ladies! I was wondering how heels will work for my bridesmaids for our gazebo wedding. They are concerned about sinking into the ground and are debating a wedge vs. heel. Any suggestions or recommendations??
  11. Question ladies: I heard a rumor that if you book in the main resorts for a standard room there is a chance or it has happened to some bride and their wedding party where they are upgraded to royal service. Is this true or has it happened to any of you brides/brides to be? Our wedding is during their "low season" so I am praying we will be upgraded hehehehhe
  12. Hi ladies! I haven't been on here for awhile. I was just wondering if anyone of you brides has recently visited the resort or recently married there! I hear there has been quite a bit of remodeling and i would love to see pictures!! I am getting married October 26, 2013 and it is quickly approaching:) Lots to do before then! We are getting married in the gazebo with a poolside reception. We were originally planning to have a welcome/rehearsal dinner on the beach before hand but my wedding planner has suggested that we just utilize Gabi club for our dinner and reserve 2 tables. We currently have 38 guests. I am not sure what would be the best option for a welcome dinner and open to suggestions! We want to have a little itinerary for people and are considering organizing something the day after our wedding. We were tossing around an excursion idea, brunch or catamaran. OR should we do the catamaran the day before. Uggghhh so much to finish planning! Also, what are your grooms/groomsman wearing?? We want something comfortable but not too casual as I will be all dolled up:) We want to make our bridesmaid dresses and groomsman attire affordable. Are any of you ladies renting outfits for your men or purchasing. I know i am all over the place with my questions but I feel so overwhelmed. SUGGESTIONS and PICTURES please you lovely brides!
  13. Opps, Sorry Rotha I see that you did write that some of your pic were jot at altos de chavon. How did you fit it all into your wedding day?
  14. Rotha My goodness girl, you looked absolutely stunning in all of your pictures and you photographer did such an amazing job. The photos are full of emotion, I had goosebumps watching your slide show:) Were some of your pictures taken at altos de chavon?? If so did you have them taken the same day as your wedding or the day after? Just curious because I thought that trip was approximately 90 minutes but I could be mistaken. I would love to have pictures take there, the scenery is breathtaking!! Congratulations again! Katie
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