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  1. I don't know exactly what board was right to post this on, but I am hitting a stage of the planning (wedding is Sept '13) where I am second-guessing my decision to have a destination wedding. I think I am fearing all my hard work and money spent will be for nothing if people don't show up, and we will sort of feel silly for our own wedding. It is a major fear for me, and I think it is for my fiance without him directly wanting to admit it to me for fear I will be upset or worried. I just sense something off during the planning in the last month. I am wishing we would have just bit the financial bullet a little more and planned it at home. Our reasons for going away were for him, mostly financial (he believed it would be less expensive and an easy way to cut our guest list from 250+ and $60 a plate at home, to 50 or 60 without offending anyone). I wanted to do something different and unique and beautiful but also with people closest to us. We are planning this in the Outer Banks, and rented a nice beach house to have a private party at. I hired a coordinator but she is limitedly of any help and my mom and I have done 99% of the work and details ourselves from about 500 miles away. I just wondered if anyone else has felt this way mid-way thru planning or anytime where they second guessed their decision - maybe you weren't getting the response you hoped for, the RSVPs or people cancelled. I just don't want my fiance to feel like we went to all this work and trouble and nobody shows! Its hard not to go to all the work and trouble if people say they are coming, and it is your wedding after all... although you never know if they will actually make it there. How did you deal with any stress or worry like this throughout, and how did it end up going after all? -- or are you dealing with this now? I feel like we cant really change anything some people have booked beach houses around us already, and my mom has already paid for our reception house. Thanks all :)
  2. Glad to see someone else on here to work along side!!! Best of luck on your goals! When/where is your wedding?
  3. I absolutely love Tone It Up - Karena & Katrina are so motivating and positive and I was really excited when Katrina announced the Wedding series is starting soon!! Anyone else joining in?? If you are interested in being accountability buddies - feel free to PM me!! I am ready to get serious and get in shape and toned up for my beach wedding in Emerald Isle, NC this September!! http://toneitup.com/blog.php?Tone-It-Up-Wedding-Series-5707
  4. Ludlow - closest beach to Orlando is Cocoa Beach. It's 1 hour. I did look into Beach Weddings by Joanie in Cocoa Beach and she was really nice. If you dont mind the drive, Siesta Key is 2 hours away and was rated the most romantic beach in Florida, #1 beach in the continental USA, etc. Seems beautiful. If we do this in Florida, I am pretty sure Siesta Key is where it will be. It's close to Tampa, and a lot of things. I would look into Cocoa or Siesta. Cocoa is on the atlantic side and Siesta Key is on the gulf. Siesta key has the white sand beaches and everything. It's a tough decision I agree! But Siesta Key seems popular.
  5. A friend of mine just used Affordable Beach weddings http://www.notaryontime.com/ and she was very happy with their services! They did a customized Just the Two of Us pkg
  6. A close friend of mine just used: Affordable Beach Weddings www.notaryontime.com/ And she was really happy with their services. It was very affordable too and they did a customized "Just the Two of Us" package
  7. P.S. - a wedding in florida would probably only be 15-20 of our nearest & dearest.
  8. After trying to plan a monster wedding back home for 200+ people near Pittsburgh, my fiance and I are now heading back to one of our original thoughts - which was a Florida wedding. Trying to decide on a location that has some of the following attributes -- any suggestions? - Affordable beach houses around for family -Things to do other than just the beach so they can make a vacation out of it. -Would love to be near a Royal Caribbean cruise port - love the white sand beaches - places with some privacy options to minimize gawkers to our ceremony After all this we were looking at Siesta Key but it seems like a NICE but small place according to some things I am reading online. Also picking a place to run the ceremony is SO hard. There are a lot of them and really hard to make the best decision. We would prefer a real pastor over an officiant but want to work with someone to set up the ceremony -- any places that you know of allow this?
  9. We were looking into Cocoa Beach as well and was chatting with Beach Weddings by Joanie who seemed very professional. However we are now looking towards Siesta Key instead for the white sand beach. Best of luck & happy planning!
  10. So how much did you pay for them from Paper Stories? If they will ship I might consider contacting them for a similar item.
  11. Hi can i get the example of the invite too? zmae22 at gmail.com
  12. Oh my gosh! I gasped when I seen your photos! I am looking at Oasis of the Seas and we were thinking of getting married ON the ship (to make it easier on us!) but this has me considering the islands. I dont know how complicated it would be to set this all up off the boat.) Its so beautiful! Congratulations! You were a gorgeous bride LadyLove and if you were stressed at any point your photos dont show it! Many happy years are wished to you!
  13. I would definitley try the Hampton because they have a free breakfast, free wifi, and usually hamptons are always good customer service and are very predictable in quality. Days inn are usually low-grade. Best Westerns can be questionable (I dont think they are monitored like Hamptons are) and Hiltons are usually expensive. Overall Hamptons are the go-to. I am a loyal Hampton traveler. You also have to pay for breakfast at Hilton. Thats one expense taken off of your guests, who already have plenty of expenses I am sure.
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