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  1. Got married here in 2013, check out my review of the make up artist we brought in who is native to Mayan Riviera. http://ccosmeticchaos.com/2015/01/19/the-best-experience-i-ever-had-with-a-makeup-artist/
  2. I also had these guys in November of 2013.. they were incredible. Check this out for review and photos. Since I can't post pics here for some reason. http://ccosmeticchaos.com/2015/01/19/the-best-experience-i-ever-had-with-a-makeup-artist/
  3. He does $400 for hair and make up with a trial. You can ask for a discount to give up the trial I also had to pay the day passes for him and the hair guy. They were amazing. I would have paid double what I paid for them if I had know how great great it was.
  4. Sorry honey, they screwed up everything, but we still had a good time. I just wanted to marry him so I don't really care what happened. We had a great rrip and all I want to do is go back when I am not getting married. The make up artist was amazing. I loved Fernando and he gets 1 million stars.
  5. The food and cake were good so don't worry about that. We have the caprese salad minestrone soup and chicken dish. We did the speeches in the restaurant but it was hard to hear because they don't shut the restaurant down for you. I liked it though. The people there respected the space and kept quiet. I Asked for the basic bar. Got charged for the National bar and the reception got rained out after like 20 mins. But it was fun and we danced in the rain so whatever.
  6. Honestly, I give less than one shit about anything wedding related. But I am only posting here so other people are aware of things that can go wrong. I didn't make a complaint because I didn't care enough at the time,. I just wanted it over and done with and to be married to my husband. They did not try and make anything right, my Aunt is making a formal complaint though. She wrote down everything that got screwed up. Some other issues were, the cake we ordered was wrong, we ordered the raspberry and got the three milks (which was good, just not at all what I wanted). She also put out a printed menu that was wrong, from what we ordered, but what actually came was correct. I didn't see Eugenia at all through out the day other than right before I was going to walk down the aisle. I would also come to terms with the boys waearing sunglasses because by the end of it they all have not the best pictures beccause everyone was squinting. I also had to spend two days trying to track her down to get the marriage certificate. Which I didn't even end up getting from her, I got from one of her assistants. RAWR.
  7. I'm going to write more. I just need to go on my computer. She screwed up my dinner and the cake as well. I was so disappointed. If you didn't plan the wedding you wouldn't have known. However I just don't understand what the point of it all was for her to screw up everything.
  8. Vacation was awesome, I had good service the whole time and my air conditioner kicked ass. Which is really my #1. The a la cartes were amazing and definitly worth going to. The buffet was average to below average. It was too hit or miss. I can tell you all the things that went wrong in the wedding. Eugenia was pretty much useless, and I can honestly say the day of the wedding I actually found her rude. Which to me seems ridiculous because I am not pushing or anything like that when it comed to weddings. She told my aunt to put up some decor early in the morning that we wanted, and my aunt spent about two hours putting it up in the sweltering heat with some help from one of the other guys that does set up for the weddings. about ten minutes after she is finished and comes up to my room to start to get ready, we look out and there is another bride walking down the aisle for a 1pm ceremony looking all confused and pissed off that she has all this blue decorations.... and then Don't we look out around 215 pm (ceremony is at 3pm) AND SOME OTHER WEDDING PLANNER IS RIPING IT ALL DOWN! My MOH had to run down the beach screaming in her underwear to leave it up and put it back and they sat there and argued with her about it in spanish... until one of my spanish guests came out and let them have it... And where is Eugenia? ummm no where to be found. So that being said, if the bride that was married on the 19th at 1pm was upset about the decorations, my sincerest apologies as we had no idea you would even be there and were told to put them up. My flowers were wrong... which to me is ridiculous... I barely even had any flowers, and they screwed up the corsages that I asked to have as wrist and they came as pin on. I didn't even see the flowers until ten minutes before my ceremony. And again,... Eugenia is no where to be found. Eugenia shows up finally at the top of the hill for the ceremony and starts telling the bridesmaids to walk the aisle at the same time as the mothers were being escorted. Wrong music, Wrong timing, Wrong everything. I wasn't even down there yet. I also paid $2000 for a great photographer to come do our wedding and I did NOT WANT THE ARRECIFE there which I told Eugenia multiple times. Guess who shows up and refuses to leave? Arreciffe. Not to mention I didn't even have a meeting with them prior. I was told they wouldn't be there... and they were. and now I have shitting pictures from them, and the photographer is in alot of my professional photos from my photographer. She was pissed. So was I. To be continued before I get so angry my head bursts.
  9. I just came back from my wedding as well. Hammock location at Akumal... and I hate to say it but if I actually cared about weddings at all I would be FURIOUS. However i don't really so it all went well, I ended up married and thats all that matters right? If anyone wants it I will write a full detailed review. Here is a link to the youtube video of the ceremony. It isn't great quality but shows kind of how it goes down, and things you might need to contend with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPKXJiAWlE0 If you have any questions and want an honest answer, let me know I am an open book. Dinner: Dolce Vita Reception: Poolside Ceremony: Hammocks Akumal
  10. I have an email from three weeks ago saying dj bob is fine... I have him booked for mid November. I am getting tired of this resorts shit.
  11. I am just curious if any of the rest of you are planning to use Fernando as the hair and make up artist... I have been in contact with him and worked out pricing etc, and now he wants me to just send a deposit to a random bank account # or mail him a cheque and without me having a contract etc? What are the rest of your experiences I think this is crazy?
  12. So, still no word from Eugenia after she sent me an email two months ago asking for information that I couldn't give her until she answered some of my questions.. wedding is in November. I am going to fly to Mexico and flip out.
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