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  1. This is PERFECT!! Thank you for sharing...I was looking for a template/outline for wording to follow, and I love this. Thank you!!
  2. I got in contact with the WC, my fi and I have hashed out the private dinner menu we want, as well as the DJ and Cigar roller. My bridesmaids and I finished writing the addresses for the Save the Dates. I ordered them off of www.weddingpaperdivas.com, and was super happy with the quality and how easy the whole process was. I FOUND THE DRESS!! It was a complete dream come true!! I booked an appointment at The Bride's Project in Toronto. Having lost my father to cancer years ago, I couldn't find a more appropriate place to shop for The Dress. My bridesmaid chose a dress I would'
  3. I'll check with the wc once we start the planning process. .thanks for letting me know. =) Appy Couple is an app for androids or iphones. You can download it from the store onto your phone and manage it as you would your wedding website. I find I like it better since I can instantly upload photos and updates from my phone through it and my guests who have the app can get live updates etc. Its pretty helpful for the wedding party. =)
  4. Happy 2013 everyone!! My fi tells this better than I do, so I'm posting up his story about how we met, and his surprise proposal to me (which he had filmed, the sneaky bugger =P). It was a cool evening, the crisp air pressing against their faces as they ascended the subway stairs together emerging in the center of Dundas Square, the very place they had first met. Hand-in-hand, they walked together towards the stage unaware of the events that were about to unfold. It had happened so suddenly, a camera flashed from somewhere behind. Spinning around, Lin noticed the first of her
  5. Thank you for the awesome write up and advice. Actually a lot of what you wrote helps...My fi sent an email off to the TA to find out when we should be hearing from the WC. We've got the Sky Deck booked for a Civil Ceremony at 1:30pm and with the help of this awesome forum, I've already got the kissing ball aisle decorations, and will be using those for the centrepieces at the reception. We're fine with the semi-private reception that comes with the Silver Package, and with your advice, I'm definitely going to budget for a private, just in case we go over the 40 count. We wa
  6. Happy new year girls!! I'm excited to announce that this is my first post...and that I can now officially join the Azul Sensatori Brides group! My Fi has booked our wedding in for November 15, 2013!! I'm excited and nervous!! This forum has been a great help in all my research. I look forward to reading more posts about everyone's planning!
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