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  1. Hi everyone We got married on Nov 18th everything was amazing with Playacar Palace they exceeded my expectations.... Alejandra was amazing then my onsite coordinator Karla Vaga was unreal she went above and beyond for us always helping me and taking all of the stress away:) our ceremony was outside and our reception was supposed to be as we'll buy it started raining after our pictures so Karla and so many other staff were running around sweating and getting soaked making sure all my decor got put inside the ballroom... There were even ladies ironing my table runner??? So nice!!! I have to give a huge shout out to Dominicio and Anthony these two guys are amazing they give the best service and always made us feel so special ... They work soooooo hard!!!!' Dj doremixx I highly recommend and Sandra also from Cherry Blossom flowers all of our decor from Zuniga was beautiful and our hair and makeup abs perfect from styling trio .. Def worth the money, Adrian is so nice and professional:) I am on my honeymoon now at a diff resort (azul beach)👎which is so disappointing after the unreal service we received at Playacar ... I will write a more in depth review when I get home Just know your wedding will be amazing at Playacar!!!!
  2. Does anyone know if there are cribs or pack and plays at the resort? Also did anyone who had a baby with them (9mths) bring a carseat?
  3. Did anyone bring a carseat if they were bringing there baby? and do you know if it is a crib or a pack and play at the resort? Thx
  4. Cherry Blossom flowers..shes great I sent her pics and she showed me how she could match them....she has been wonderful
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Adcock Hola Kalialyssa, We LOVE the Playacar Palace for its superb service, location and surroundings (Mayan ruins nearby)!! Of course the Moon Palace is a great resort as well, but if you are looking for a modern and intimate wedding...Playacar is the way to go!!! Check out our most recent Playacar Palace wedding HERE: Most hotels and vendors start taking reservations 12 months in advance, so if you are considering 2014 you might be a bit too early. Happy Planning!! Hey what time did they allow you to have your reception until on the beach? And did they charge you 12 per person set up fee and a 60/hr 60/per table fee?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by AmandaPierson here's a few from our rehearsal: http://www.brandonmoffitt.com/2013/08/31/gene-amandas-rehearsal-dinner/ you can see the beach deck, plus we did strings of lights for the setup (from zuniga). otherwise we just did a few tea lights and maracas (bought downtown for about $50 for everything). Looked awesome, and you looked beautiful, love your dress
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by alanak Hi ladies, I got married there at the end of April. I used DJ Doremixx (although Ivan/Doremixx himself was booked, so it was another DJ from within his company), I paid the $250 electricity fee and I was still able to save $ by using Doremixx. He also includes lighting, balloons, etc. so you get some extra's with him that the resort DJ doesn't provide. I couldn't find ANY info on the resort DJ so I was too nervous to use them. I made a big playlist in a word doc and sent it to the DJ a few weeks before the wedding - they played only songs that were on my playlist (they have a TON of music) so we were really happy with the DJ. I used Styling Trio for my make-up and Adrian did a great job, I was really happy with it, and he is SO nice too, and speaks perfect English (I have heard the spa/salon does a good job, but they do not speak English well at all so sometimes it is hard to communicate what you want). If you are using the resort salon/spa I would recommend bringing pictures of exactly what you want. Adrian has a condo around the corner from the resort which is an option to not pay a vendor fee, but I just told Dulce (my 3 month out WC) that I had already put a deposit down with him and it was very important for me time-wise to not have to leave the resort, and I did not have to pay a fee. I also used an outside florist and did not have to pay a fee (Laura from Premium Flores). Get it in writing if they agree to not charge an outside vendor fee. Dulce is very nice, keep in mind they have multiple weddings a day there so sometimes she is a little slow to respond, sometimes she was quick sometimes slow, and just ask nicely for what you want. I got my wedding to go very late, used an outside florist and make-up artists and didn't pay a fee.. might have also helped we had 50 guests and I spent a lot of $ on decor through the resort's vendor (Zuniga).. but hey can't hurt to ask.. those fees are such BS but every resort does it now! Good luck! Did they charge you a set up fee of 12$ per person for the reception? She also wants to charge me 60 an hour per table for the reception? I cannot believe this....all of these ridiculous hidden fees are adding up...I am bringing 60 ppl with me to spend money at there resort for a week plus spending 3000 on decor through Zuniga?// i am so mad right now, such rip off artists
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by alanak Hi, I used resort credits for the spa - we got a couples massage for $28 total! You can only use up to a maximum amount at the spa - we had $1500 credits per couple, and you could use up to $300 at the spa. You pay tax in cash on any credits you use (and tip if you want) and thats it. You cannot use credits to golf at the course next door - you can only use the credits at Moon Palace to golf. You can take transportation there, it is about 50 mins away, a few of our guests did that. We also used credits on a trip to tulum and to upgrade wine at dinner. ok thanks so much I cannot believe how much they want for bouquets it is abs ridiculous!!! So I said I might get them outside the resort and she tried to tell me I'll get a fee???? If I pick them up then there should def not be a fee right?
  9. Did any brides use your resort credits for spa services or golf? was there any issues?
  10. what is everyone wearing for shoes in the sand? Bare feet, wedges, a heel?
  11. Sure we can chat :)got a lot of info today...my WC got changed to Alejandra ..... pm me your email address Lindsey
  12. I meant Cherry Blossom flowers, I am bringing my own photographer.... Thnis msg was meant for FaredaT sry I am bad with this site
  13. I am getting my makeup and Hair done by styling Trio at his condo around the corner...he will work within your budget I have had great communication with i aback and forth , he is very prompt. I am using DJ Doremixx who is also working within my budget....I found out today my WC has been changed form Dulce to Alejandra yet I have not heard from either I am getting super annoyed with that but will use their shortcomings to my advantage for pushing no vendor fees etc. I am getting married Nov 18th, 2013 on the beach with a reception on the beach as well afterwards, I am going to use Cherry Blossom Photography, they are great. I ordered thank you magnets from Etsy for our favours as well, and got some beautiful peacock napkins to bring as well. I have not seen Zuningas inventory yet......still waiting Have you seen the proces for them? Any other info you can share that you received from Dulce? Lindsey
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