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  1. As a father of the bride, I would highly recommend Wendy. Here is why. 1 She truly cares. 2 She is prompt and organized, loves to send reminders! 3 We had a problem with a resort that we had picked, but she went to bat for us; She did not have to. 4 She called us in Mexico at the first hint of a problem. 5 She obviously loves her work. 6 BEFORE YUO PICK A RESORT (AND A WEDDING COORDINATOR FOR THE RESORT), call Wendy! She has extensive knowledge of various places in MExico. She travels there and sees the places herself. I would not use any one else especially if you have a large wedding.
  2. I second that as father of the bride. We just had a wedding in Mexico recently. I would go one step further. Time to contact Wendy is BEFORE you pick a resort and try to deal with their wedding coordinator. When we ran into some difficulties with a place, she was very supportive, helpful and caring. She went to bat for us even though she did not have to. She always responded quickly, works on Saturdays. She is available if you run into trouble in Mexico to help. As the father of the bride I even invited her to our wedding! One place where most brides and grooms can be helped is in picking the right resort. Wendy has many options and she is very familiar with Mexico.
  3. My daughter got married in Mexico recently. I had the pleasure of dealing with Wendy Hicks. She was our travel agent. She is a great person, very organized ad helpful. I can't say enough about her. One word of advice. If you are planning a Mexico wedding, do not go to hotel website and find their wedding coordinator. Use services of some one like Wendy. I made the mistake of using a "wedding non coordinator" from a chain and had problems. Wendy stepped in and helped us even though she was not responsible for the situation. I respect her a lot for her work and give her a five star rating! Thans Wendy!
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