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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by murmel Oh dear! Well, don't despair. It always amazes me how quickly they can rebuild things down there. Have they confirmed you cannot have your wedding there now??? If the weather does work out for you, the other spot I would suggest would be the Yoga Palapa on the beach. They would usually set up a dance area on the yoga palapa and the tables/chairs on the beach in front of it. Beautiful spot as well. Keep us posted! And I would talk to the wedding coordinators as soon as you get there to find out what the plan is! Oh heavens. Our wedding is November 15th. I am super close to a heart attack right now.
  2. I always use Lifebooker for extensions. They always have a few deals to choose from under Nails & Brows in their Lifebooker Loot section. I sort of cross-reference what they have available vs yelp reviews for the places and go from there. I've had very good experiences except for one time, and that wasn't awful either, just the lashes were sort of stiff. Just make sure not to use anything oil-based, that takes them off, otherwise you will be great for about 2 weeks, good for another 1-2 weeks. They are individually glued to lashes, so they fall out as you eyelashes naturally shed, so as long as you're not pulling them out, you shouldn't be doing damage to your own lashes. I'd recommend silk or mink over any other material they might use, those seem to be the least like porcupine needles, lol. And yes, once you get extensions, it's hard to go back to your natural "shorties"!
  3. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/225068/width/350/height/700[/img] 3.5" heel, nice padded footbed, very comfy. They're Bandolinos.
  4. Wow, all those new options with their new packages! May be a good thing it's too late to start changing my mind on anything, lol When we went down for our site visit in February, the cake was the one thing we really did not like at the tasting (all the other food at the tasting AND EVERYWHERE AT THE RESORT was delish)... But, we only had vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, none of those other options... I really care about the cake more for pictures than anything, but also didn't want to wasted hundreds of $'s on something that tasted like cardboard, so we requested to have a tres leches wedding cake (it's always good no matter where you get it, and it's got some sentimental value for us, too)... We will see how it works out... I'm not too worried though, there's other desert if the cake disappoints, lol (we chose the bittersweet chocolate mousse and mango creme brûlée from the pick n choose, so if that's not variety, I don't know what is, lol). Bubblez - thanks for sharing your pictures, our reception is at the same place :-) also, genius idea about sharing decorations, I so wish I thought of it! I'm bringing down A TON of stuff, wish I could have shared it with someone whose wedding is soon after mine! Super smart.
  5. We We are doing the pick'n'choose, and our two picks are the Filet and Lobster Tail and Roasted Half Chicken, then the Oven Baked Cappelaci as our vegetarian option. The one thing that's super annoying though is that we had to have our guests choose which main course they wanted ahead of time. Also, out of ~60ppl, about 50 chose the 1st, so I'm not super confident we picked the right 2nd option since almost nobody is having it. Hoping its just because a lot of people like Surf'n'Turf, lol. LilPumpkin, Thanks for posting your photos! I know you had major issues with the rain, but I have to say your pictures show none of it. Everyone looks super happy and excited, you can tell that nothing was gonna get that party down. :-) But still, thanks for letting everyone know about your rain experience, I gave almost no thought to a rain plan before reading that, and now, even though I'm crossing my fingers for no rain, at least I feel like I can be prepared and have a Plan B about all the decorations and set up etc.
  6. Wow, I LOVE the blessing of the sea... My Stepmom is reading the Apache Wedding Blessing, and it's really all about the elements, and the Sea part seems to just fit with that perfectly. I hope MIL will go for it, it would be her reading :-)
  7. Thanks MrsHK! We just got the script from Lynda, and it's very similar if not identical. Also, for anyone wondering about adding their personal vows, readings etc into the predefined legal ceremony (and the sand ceremony, as I was), apparently that happens AFTER the "I do's" and the rings, but BEFORE you are officially pronounced husband and wife and kissing. The signing and fingerprinting of the wedding certificate also happens in that in-between. Mystery solved, lol :-)
  8. Does anyone have a video or the script/order of what is said and done at a MEXICAN CIVIL CEREMONY? I'm having a really hard time finding it... I know there is a judge and a translator, and I think there's fingerprinting at some point, but I don't know where to plan Readings (2) and the sand ceremony... Thanks! Kaya
  9. Does anyone have a video or the script/order of what is said and done at a MEXICAN CIVIL CEREMONY? I'm having a really hard time finding it... I know there is a judge and a translator, and I think there's fingerprinting at some point, but I don't know where to plan Readings (2) and the sand ceremony...
  10. I have just one person coming from Poland, and we are having her fly into NY, then to Cancun with the wedding party. It came out to about the same, but definitely less stressful for her. I guess the pricing probably depends on whether your airport is a major hub or not...
  11. I'm a week after you, and totally feel your pain. I know they are short handed right now, and it's definitely taking them longer to respond that it has in the past. That being said, our planner is Lynda, and she's been pretty great... So take a deep breath, get on the phone, and ask for a manager level planner to take over, someone who has been there for a significant amount of time. Do not be afraid to push for what you want, it's your wedding day... But it will work out, they may be short handed, but I don't think they're dropping the ball on anything.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by kimsing12 hey Kayawastaken! Finding a videographer is not easy...especially when you are only given 2 choices! We are using Sarani from Sarani Weddings....while she is not an "approved vendor", she is fabulous, reasonable, and does a TON of Karisma properties! Check out her website saraniweddings.com Her videos are AMAZING!! Let her know your budget and she will work with you on price - she knows that you have to pay the $800 outside fee- and will work with you. The coolest thing she does is a shorter video that you can share with friends and family easily - it captures the whole day in a song - of your choice of course!(those are the examples you see on her sight) and then she gives you a longer video of the rest of the footage! The video and photography is one of the most important things to me... she is a true artist and captures things so uniquely! We are doing the 6 hour package - end of getting ready through middle of reception. Most videographers will only do continuous coverage - so check with the one you choose before you decide on a package. I just tried to find the time frame that most things will be happening. Like you, I'm just hoping I'm right! Hope that helps! Happy planning! -K Hi Kimsing12, Thanks for the recommendation. We actually saw Sarani Video on our site visit back in Februaru, when we went to "orientation" at one of the other Karisma properties, and thought they were an approved vendor. It was not a great surprise to find out they're not! I just reached out to them to see if they're in the budget ballpark... I actually remember really liking their video...
  13. So, seeing the great wedding videos brings me to my videography dilemma. Has anyone had their wedding video done by either Caribe or Matias Cano? We have an outside photographer, and he doesn't work with anyone for video, so I guess I just need to pick one or the other (of the two approved video vendors for Azul Sensatori), but wanted to know about any negative/positive experiences... Also, I'm not sure what sort of coverage we would need. One of my biggest concerns is that our ceremony is at 3:30, and reception starts at 6pm. We don't really want a long video, definitely don't think anything over an hour. Obviously we'd like the ceremony covered, other than that I'd say our priority list is: 2. The first dance. 3. Bridal Party Entrance 4. Getting ready (bride) 5. Getting ready (groom) 6. Father/Daughter Dance 7. Mother/Son Dance 8. Speeches 9. Mariachi Band at the very end of cocktail hour/beginning of reception 10. Photo session after ceremony So, there's time in the beginning, then nothing much, and then time two hours later. What does that mean for us as far as how many hours of coverage we would need? Would you get that whole time (our hair and makeup is supposed to be all done by 2pm, so say 1 to 7pm?), which is like 6 hours, and sort of more than I have budgeted for video... Is there any other solution? Has anyone had this dilemma?
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