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  1. Hi... I feel your frustration. We were in the same situation and never got responses up to the day before we left. We were married 2 weeks ago and spent about 8 hours with Ana the day we arrived to finally plan everything. not ideal but it did all work out and was a beautiful wedding. Good luck
  2. Leahbecker- thanks for the review!!! Sounds like despite the rain your day was perfect . Our wedding is in 10 days... After months of emails going unanswered, I finally spoke to Ana last night for the first time. I feel completely rest assured that everything will be great now so I hope that helps some of you ( I know last week I would NOT be writing this lol). I will definitely post a review when we return!!
  3. I do not know exact dimensions but was told round table that seats 8 to 10.
  4. Congrats!!! And thank you so much for posting this. We are also working with Paula and this makes me feel much more reassured
  5. Hi I will try to answer some since I've gotten a responses to a few. Hope this helps!!
  6. hi I asked this as well and didn't receive any definitions back but was told they are both considered legal in the US. We selected common law since that is the more dominant property system in the US. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks Ladies! @queenbennett if you could send me what you have that would be great! kimlally23@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the civil ceremony performed in English? Can you add readings or any religious aspects to it? Thanks in advance ladies!!
  9. Hi Everyone! So we about 2 1/2 months away from our wedding and the only thing we have gotten from OCT is confirmation about our date and legal ceremony. I have requested info about what comes with the Paradise Package, how to book the DJ, options for welcome dinner, cocktail hour, and what options are available for flowers, centerpieces, reception locations etc and nothing. I know they are busy with multiple weddings a day, but is it normal that we haven't gotten anything with 2 1/2 months to go? Any advice would be great! Paula is our wedding coordinator. Thanks! Kim
  10. Thank you it is great to know you are doing all the planning in a few months that makes me feel better!!
  11. Hi everyone! Sorry if this posts twice, I am not sure what happened to my first post. Anyway, I am new here and really appreciate all of the helpful pages of info I have been reading over the last few days! We got engaged about a month ago and just got our confirmation that we are locked in for OCT for March 9, 2013 at 4 pm, yay! So I have only 4 months to plan so I am probably behind....anyone else plan a in such a short period of time and have any advice? I am working with Modern Destination Weddings so she has mainly been in contact with the wedding team - Paula is the coordinator I was assigned at OCT. Anything I should be doing now?? From what I read, sounds like I need to lock in a photographer asap but not sure what else. Looking forward to chatting with you
  12. Hi Ladies!! I am new... we got engaged about a month ago and just got our confirmation of our deposit for our wedding at OCT!! we are getting married 3/9/13 at 4 pm. Since it is only 4 months away I am going to be looking for a lot of advice!! I am on page 130 of the posts and will get through the rest....everyone is so helpful! I am thinking the first thing I need to do is book the photographer....any recommendations? Anyone else plan a wedding in only a few months and have advice for me? looking forward to chatting with all of you
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