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  1. Ali we are doing a beach reception, I rented a tent/dancefloor/lights from Cover me up tent rentals who has been awesome to work with!! responds right away I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner options yet but I figure i'll decide that a couple weeks before.
  2. Surely, we are using the company Storymix something or other, my friend found them and I felt like the quality was a little better than the wedflik. It's costing us an extra $100 to have the cameras for the week, so total is around $500 which I feel like it totally worth it!
  3. hi girls, I'm getting married the 14th and we'll be there 10-17th. its less than 100 days eek! We're getting married on the beach, our reception is under a tent on the beach as well. Using Stacey Clarke for photog. Using a flipcam company to do our wedding video which is so us and really cool idea! Expecting 45-65people... not really doing colors my only girl is wearing like an aqua green. Natalie
  4. hi all - i've got a few questions and would love some help! 1. i contacted rashel edwards for hair/makeup and she is booked but says she has "a second team available"... has any past brides worked with this 2nd team, can attest to their quality compared to that of rashel? i don't want to spend all the money if they're not as good! 2. has anyone used the salon for both hair and makeup, and were you happy with it? 3. any recent problems in being able to hang your own lighting/decorations in aunt ruby's for the reception? i hate how bright it is with the set lighting. 4. if you hire DJ kevan, he will do more than just play your own Ipod, correct? thats what i read in past reviews and it seems so silly to pay all that money for that. 5. How far in advance are you sending out the formal invitations from the actual wedding date. thanks ladies!!
  5. jmiller@taiflora.com.... good luck! i emailed her about 6 weeks ago and still havne't gotten a reply!
  6. hi girls - if any of you are getting married at the aqueducts, could you please private message me the details (ie how your guests are getting back/forth, approximate cost, if the WC is helping you set up the ceremony, etc). thanks so much!!
  7. perfect i heard it was 50.. i've gotten so much miscommunication between the WCs at beach VS suites resort that i need to figure out the details, i'm starting to not care as much which i'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing ha! when i joined this website, one of the TA's Babs had emailed me and i touched based with her and she was able to get a response from them thank god - the date is still available but they have yet to get back to me directly even though they have all my freakin' paperwork. i'm resending it again but i just get so nervous like where is my credit card and ID keep going if this winds up being the 3rd time its being sent. little bit of a scary thought ya know? I have 3 different TAs trying to help me just lock in my date then i don't need to talk to these people for the next several months. who would of thought this would have been the hard part?
  8. hi girls - i'm having the most ridiculous time getting in touch with nicole to just lock down my date!!! can anyone offer any advice because i'm starting to freak out and get annoyed LOL. i'm emailing and calling everyday... have 2 travel agents calling every day as well. we sent all the necessary paperwork but i'm so afraid with each day that passes my date is going to be take again (my first date wasn't available). thanks for the help!! Natalie
  9. hello fellow brides does anyone know the minimum for having beach ceremony and reception/dinner? many thanks!
  10. Has anyone found any luck finding a good videographer? everything seems so expensive!!
  11. thanks for the response! are the majority of your guests staying at the suites resort as well? i'm currently being told if atleast 80% of my guests stay at the beach resort it won't be a problem for our wedding to be at the beach resort and for us to stay at the suites resort but i think we'll all be staying at the suites.
  12. hi all! new to this thread didn't realize there was a specific one for beach brides is anyone staying at the suites but getting married at the beach resort? I think that's what we're going to do because our date for november is not available but want to see if anyone else is.. I just hope there won't be any added stresses with it being not in the same resort. I wouldn't think there would be but who knows.. things start to add up! thanks for any help! happy planning!
  13. i heard 40 people was the minimum.... 100 seems like an awfully large number for a destination wedding! they can't expect that!
  14. so great to know someone else is in the same position! i'm going to private message you if that's okay and 25 days so soon!! i'm so excited for you!!
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