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  1. Very excited! We just booked our wedding for 8-5-2014 at Playacar! I'm a little nervous about having enough room nights to qualify for the unlimited private events, but many of our family members have expressed interest in booking soon and we're inviting eighty people (so the anxiety is probably unwarranted). We shall see...the STDs and wedding website will be out in full force next week! Once less thing on the list. Has anyone booked their reception yet? I'm not sure if I want to put up the extra money for the Colin cowie design or just stick with the standard and add in some personalization. Also has anyone heard anything about the food? I have the buffet and plated dinner options, but I'm wondering what the best tasting options are? Does anyone know if you do a tasting as part of your early arrival before the wedding? Does anyone know about cake flavor options? Any insight would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I've been trying to contact someone from the Wright Agency for the past two days and I have not heard a response. I am planning on having my wedding at Playacar Palace and I read some great reviews on Wright TAs. Could someone please contact me? I am looking to book immediately. I've been speaking with the weddings department consistently for two weeks and I would prefer to have a TA as an intermediary for my wedding group. I have registered for the webinar but there is a good chance I may not be able to attend the whole webinar. Please send me a PM. Thank you.
  3. Hi fellow Playacar Brides! I'm in the process of firming up my wedding date, and was wondering if you all are booking directly with the resort so you can get the group benefits or if you are using a TA? I was told by Kalena in the weddings department that I had to pay for my stay in full to block out my rooms and that I had to put down 50% for the wedding collection upfront to book our ceremony? Is this similar to what you all have heard? I am inviting 80 people and we probably think we'll have closer to 60 people and with that number of people I would prefer to have a TA as an intermediary but the resort is making it seem that unless all our guests book directly through the weddings department, your not eligible for the group benefits. I'd be interested to here other's experiences. Thanks!!!