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  1. Hi Db, I have put my wedding planning on hold being my sisters wedding is coming in a few days and i just bought a new house. I am going to try and plan it all with intensity starting in June. Planning a wedding in Turks is definitely different the in NJ! I decided on Correy just because I wanted island music and he actually had a website to go by. Then he recommended his brother for the reception since he had to leave after the ceremony. Laura was hard to reach at times but I am hoping as the day gets closer she can help my vision come together. As of right now everything is so all over the place I feel .
  2. Laura, Planning is coming along, slowly. I feel everyone in T&C is very relaxed. We are getting married on the beach and having the reception on the West Deck. I booked Correy Forbes for the ceremony and his brother Lovey for the reception. I am in the middle of working with EA Flowers but just changed my bridesmaid colors so I have to re-email them to let them know I have changed my mind. I am working with only Laura from Seven Stars. It's a lot of work. Lauren
  3. Hi I am Lauren from New Jersey. I am also getting married at the Seven Stars! I am getting married in August 2013. How is planning coming? Lauren
  4. Emiillly, I found that bringing sparklers would be too much hassle! Instead I am going though the hotel coordinator. They have reasonable prices!
  5. Tropical Imaging, thank you so much! You just provided me with great information which will help me in the planning process! I can't wait to meet you since you are my wedding photographers/videographers!
  6. Hi girls, I was wondering what company and what type of wedding insurance everyone is getting for their wedding? Also, has anyone shipped anything to Turks? Is it very expensive? I want to send sparklers, plate chargers and linens down since I do not know if they have them. Thanks
  7. HI, I am getting married at the Seven Stars in August. How did you get the sparklers to the island? Did you ship them? Was it costly? Also, what colors did you use for the wedding? I like the idea of using burlap. Did you use the local flower at all? How did you like Thea's makeup? Thanks, NJ bride Lauren
  8. For a favor, I think I might make a donation in everyone name towards Pot Cake Place on the island. I figured the dogs could use a little something, more then my guests. We have no decided on a DJ or band yet. I am very indecisive. I am also deciding between Shenique and Geraldine.
  9. Hi Girls, I am getting married August 10, 2013 at Seven Stars Resort. We chose this resort since my that is were I got engaged for my birthday and I am familiar with the grounds. We are planning a beach ceremony and then cocktail hour and reception on the West Deck. We chose Brillant for our photographer. I also am confused as to who to use for hair and make-up? I have not chosen anyone. I also am deciding between a band or Dj. The on site coordinator recommended Tropical Allstars but I have not heard them play? Seven Stars offers house white linens for the reception does anyone know about how much it would cost to have a table runner or chargers? <3 Lauren
  10. I am getting married at Seven Stars Resort in August 2013! I'd love to hear any suggestions for color schemes, photographers, or any recommendations!
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