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  1. I'm also getting married the same day, but at Tropical Bay! You're the first person I've met sharing our wedding day!! How's planning coming along? 65 days to go until we leave for Jamaica! email me if you would like to chat - laura@haskenhoff.com
  2. I'm also getting married the same day, but at Tropical Bay! You're the first person I've met sharing our wedding day!! How's planning coming along? 65 days to go until we leave for Jamaica! email me if you would like to chat - laura@haskenhoff.com
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIglxSVmmQQ&list=FLWJ8Z5umcSeCd5p76nV21YA&index=2 this is a video of the resort. I'm not sure if you're getting married on the beach or in the gazebo but it shows both.
  4. I purchased my domain with GoDaddy.com and love their website builder. check ours out: www.jamaica2013.com
  5. Hi Ladies! We are getting married at Riu Palace Tropical Bay October 12, 2013!! I know some things are the same at Club Negril - The chairs for the "free wedding" package are green plastic chairs. They aren't the most attractive thing, but for $12/chair you can rent a cover and sash. If you have a larger group they use white ones, which don't need covers (in my opinion!) We upgraded our booking to the ocean view suite and chose the free wedding package. I'm upgrading my bouquet, but bringing silk flowers for everyone else that I've already made up. I've been working on our OOT bags - but just sent out the invites so waiting for a more firm RSVP's to come back first. Started freaking out today because its only 4 months away... and I haven't figured out our menu for our AHR, and have a lot to do in the next 2 months! Time flys by faster than you would think.. Thank goodness I have my dress, Tim's outfit, bridesmaids dresses/groomsmen outfits, & our invites done!!!! My travel agent has been a tremendous help with contacting the wedding planner for me and doing all the nitty gritty for me :) she's so good to me!
  6. Hi Everyone! Congratulations on everyone's engagements and/or weddings! Tim & Laura Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Negril October 12, 2013 (4 months to go!!) So far we have 17 booked!
  7. I am thinking about getting a runner as well. We changed our wedding to the beach instead of the garden. I feel like it might be a little more private on the beach. I think the runner will give it a great look and also help me walk down the isle. what shoes are you planning on wearing? I made a pair of barefoot sandals, and was thinking about making them for my bridesmaids but haven't yet. Any thoughts? I am bringing Welcome bags for everyone that will be in their rooms when they get there so we are not doing favors. The bags are going to be filled with goodies, plus having only 20 people coming allows me to personalize each bag a little more Im wondering how much decor I should bring along for the reception. How are you setting it up? Also - are you doing a guestbook? I saw one on etsy that is a thumbprint palm tree. it was super cute and fun for everyone that was on the trip. I would probably frame it afterwards.
  8. Awesome! Thank you for your advise! I am bringing silk flowers too, specifically so I can have it for my AHR. The cake wasn't anything spectacular looking, but I don't like cake anyways, so I don't mind. Curious how you got everything to Jamaica with you.. did you ship anything? How did you go about your private beach party? Is this what you did as your reception? We were thinking of gathering at the pool side so then we would have the bar real close, and bringing an ipod with a speaker system. Where was your photgrapher from? I'm bringing my own too, but the price is getting to be higher than getting someone local in Jamaica. Also, did you do a TTD session?! I can't wait!
  9. we are using www.uponourstar.com I have read about the sites taking fees from you when you go to cash out, check for that. Some travel agents offer a honemoon registry, look into it.
  10. Ask your wedding planner what they do for this, or your photographer I'm sure has had this conversation with brides, they may have a tip or two!
  11. these are the free ones. If you contact your wedding planner she will send you the other options for an upgrade. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. www.taiflora.com or contact negril@taiflora.com Here is the free arch: I have the gazebo booked already, however - I found this gazebo at the spa at the Club Negril resort, and you can have aceremony here, but have to wait to request it until you arrive. I'm nervous about waiting until last minute, and I'm also nervous about going to the other resort to get married... Any thoughts? Here is that gazebo: As far as other prices, here's what I have: Chair cover with bow $12 without bow $9 Boutonniere starting $15 bridesmaid bouquet starting $60 wrist corsage starting $30 rose petals bag $40 Additional guests (first 10 free) $12 each Open Bar (per person) $15 cocktail hour (per person) $30 ........shouldn't the drinks be free at an all-inclusive resort? ask your W.P. to send you the additional fee information.
  12. if they are staying 3 days at the resort then you don't have to pay the vendor fee. Ask your wedding planner at the resort about this, and have email confirmation. I looked into this already because the fee is $350 or so. Hope this helps!
  13. I'm getting married at the Tropical Bay resort, but they have a photographer on site. The prices are high for what you get, but I've also noticed local photographers are very expensive. on the $2000+ range. I am opting for taking a local photographer here along with me, and she has an assistant coming along at no additional fee. I will pay her travel costs and a small fee for her time (again just for the one photographer). Overall this is the best rate because I get them for so much more than I would with anyone in Jamaica. She will be doing our engagement photos, rehearsal/welcome dinner, ceremony, reception, trash the dress, and at home reception. Look into this before deciding on someone from the resort!
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