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  1. I had my wedding in November of this past year. You have nothing to worry about it was beautiful.
  2. I used Anna Nuet and she did an awesome job. She was super sweet and we had a skype session prior to the wedding to discuss the ideas that I had.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JoWil JoWil CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ours is next week. I'm worried about the final cost. Which menu did you select?How many flower arrangements did you have? Which flowers? What was the final cost? Ours is November 28th!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Dania97 I just need to calm my nerves! I tend to want to be in control of the process but with her I need to be patient! I strongly believe Mayte needs an assistant..maybe two. It's too much for one person to have so many women constantly asking questions and wanting to know what's going on with the arrangements of their special day. If she has an assistant designated to answering emails and they were able to keep constant communication through out the process she would be less stressed and brides would be less stressed as well. That is very true! She definitely needs a helping hand. I'm been waiting for a week to hear back on some questions I have, and I'm getting married in 17 days! She really is amazing for being to handle this on her own!
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by Dania97 I do have another question for the group. Has anyone else had any issues communicating with Mayte? It seems when you ask her two or three questions she may answer one of your questions in one sentence and leaves the rest unanswered...lol. I understand she's amazing and will make things work somehow but I would like to know that what I want as far as decor is possible or any other questions I may have. I would rather write one email with all my concerns in hopes to get a long reply back that way I won't have to bother her as often. I heard a while back of a spreadsheet that was going around and it seemed rather helpful to communicate all concerns to Mayte. Can someone forward this to me? Or recommend the best way to get all my answers from Mayte? My email is Daniaterronwedding@@gmail.com Hey Dania, I wouldn't worry about the communication too much. That's the same thing that happened to me when the wedding date was further out, but the closer the date has been getting the more personal attention I have been getting from Mayte. My recommendation is dont tress so much about it. I know how it feels! My wedding is a few weeks away and everything is falling into place just fine.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Miley929 Hi! My wedding is in the beginning of January and I haven't been able to get Mayte to respond to me recently. I emailed her and hoped she would get back to me. I'm trying to be respectful while she mourns her child... but I'm starting to get stressed out. Other than pay my deposit and confirm that they received the money (April/May-ish), I haven't planned anything with her! The only thing keeping me sane right now is AR-DreamWedding 's Jellyfish wedding template!! Thanks sooo much! So, I'm hoping you all can help me with some questions. Thanks in advance!! How tall is the wedding gazebo? I want to hang something paper cranes from it. Can you provide fans on the backs on chairs or do I have to buy them? Can I contact the DJ? I have some special requests - like asking him to provide microphones for my groomsmen, who are going to sing, play guitar and djembe for the bridesmaid processional. Does your florist make flower leis. If so, can you give me an idea of how much they cost per lei for different flowers? If I hire the baby sitter, how long does that person stay at my wedding? Can I get the fire dancers for 10 or 15 minutes? How much would it cost? (I think a 20 minute show might be too long a break in the festivities.) What is included in crazy hour? I've seen pictures of dancers, capoeira dancers, and a person on stilts. Do my guests interact with them or just watch the dancing? How many cigars does the cigar roller give me before I have to pay for extra? How much is it to have the cigar roller two or three hours? I have a small wedding and don't think I'd need him for four hours. Can you purchase small bottles of Mamajuana for me to use as wedding favors? If so, how much would 40 bottles cost? Can you purchase sky lanterns for me? (I can't take them with me on the plane because of the fuel cells.) How much would 40 cost? If we use an American Express card to pay, do we have to pay local tax? Is the only way to avoid that by paying cash? How many times can the bus take people back to the hotel after the wedding? More than one? Hey, I can only answer a couple of your questions. Here is the DJ's email: johnpcdj@gmail.com He has contacted me and has said that if I have any questions to let him know. With the Crazy Hour you get all the entertainers you mentioned plus the Fire Show is included. I have heard of brides mentioning that there were buses ready and the older crowd leaving earlier.
  7. Hello! Can someone explain to me how the preset menus work? I was looking to do Menu l and it says caeser salad and chicken bruschette then the main entree choices. Is the caesar salad a side salad and the chicken bruschette like an appetizer? What happens when you'd like to do hors d'oeuvres with cocktail hr, does the chicken bruschette still get served? I'm so confused and our wedding is less than a month away! Help!! Also, if anyone has ordered off the jellyfish menu can they let me know what they ended up doing? (Side soup/salad then entree with side, etc) Thanks!!!
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by laraandshane FUTURE BRIDES! I just got married on Sunday, September 1, 2013 at Nuestra Senora Del Pilar and reception at JellyFish restaurant. I love Mayte and so will everyone that has a wedding there. She does an amazing job and this is coming from an Event Planner in Washington D.C.. She really made me feel like the bride and not an Event Planner on my special day. Feel free to ask me any questions and I can help respond to some of your questions. Resort: We stayed at The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real. Best decision ever. It was luxury to a max! In addition, we had very picky travelers on on our trip and they even were happy with the hotel and food. Photographer: We went with HDC photography. Our initial request was for Katya, but she was out of the country Crazy Hour Show: Speaking of being not boring! The Dominican Crazy Hour show savvvvvvved our wedding! I say this because most of my wedding guests were shy, older and more on the serious side! I was kinda wondering if my boring crowd would even dance! And trust me, I have coordinated plenty of weddings where the guests are very laid back and don't really party and it makes the wedding so ordinary! Brides, this is the one day of your life to celebrate! But once the Crazy Hour show arrived, the party began! Even my hubby's parents that are divorce and don't get along got to the dance floor! It got so fun and wild that after the fire show, my hubby and I jumped in the water. LOVED IT! Anyways, congrats and happy planning Do you have pictures? I'm also getting married at Nuestra Señora del Pilar! Did you like the church? Also, how many guests did you have at your wedding?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CrystalRomero Did you end up having a small wedding here? We are debating the same thing since its just 10 people including bride groom and our son. Did it still feel like a wedding? It's funny that I came across this because I have been trying to do some research and find photos of what the setup would look like with 20 people or less.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jeabeeW Hi All! I'm new as well and messaged Mayte recently for wedding info. I have done a TON of research on this site as well as others regarding Jellyfish. Each list prices from different years. Could someone please send me the most recent price list? I'd greatly appreciate it! jbrooke.wooddell@gmail.com I also want opinions on photographer cost. I have a great photographer from home whom I'm willing to fly out. Her cost is $1600 + flight and room. She has done a photo shoot with us before. We have mutual friends so she somewhat knows our personalities. We would have her form the entire wedding day, + the pay prior at the resort. I thinks this is a GREAT deal but the fiancé is questioning if we can find cheaper in PC. I love Katya Nova's work $2800 (starting) but this is for two photographers I think (her& her hubby). Total cost is relatively the same so here is the issue... -1 photographer vs. 2 -2photgrathers for 1 day vs. 1 photographer for a few days -More pics during the wedding vs. more candid's over the course of the trip. what would you all do??? We are also considering adding a videographer. Any suggestions of good/affordable work? I want the trailer style. Also, I have not reached out to Kayta, if any of you have used her & Rob, plz give me some insight on what is included in the $2800. Last thing, If JF is booked, I'm looking at Huracan Café as an option. Anyone look into that venue? I have seen pic from one wedding. Sry sooooo many questions. As far as photographer goes, I came across Asia Pimentel here on this forum. Her prices are VERY affordable and I really like her work. She has a facebook page if you want to look her up there or her website asiapimentel.com She is also a team of two and they provide videography if you would like. That is what we are doing plus a trash the dress the next day. Look her up and see what you think I'm not too sure on Huracan. We're having our wedding on a Thursday at Jellyfish so luckily I didn't have to worry about the date being taken.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Bridetobe2014 Does anybody have the information for this salon? I need to find a makeup and hairstylist in Punta Cana. Thanks! You can try Anna Nuet. She has a facebook with pictures. I will be using her for my wedding in November.
  12. Hello ladies, I think I'm the first one in our entire group (family/friends) to have a destination wedding and so I didn't think anyone else could relate, until I saw this! This has been a super stressful wedding planning and even though our wedding is in November for some reason I'm not as excited any longer. I have heard so many excuses from people. What really bothers me are the ones that tell you from the beginning that they will be going, and then as time goes you you start realizing that they have not booked. To top it off we are now hearing from those same "excited" people that it is way too expensive and that prices are getting worse three months before the wedding. This is why we told everyone 13 months in advance!!! Also, I made a website and sent out save the dates informing people that they should put a deposit with the travel agent to lock in the price. Now they want to complain how expensive it is getiing. I don't understand why people have to be so insensitive. I've even heard from some "friends" that they're wedding will not be that far/expensive. I don't really care! This is my day and I don't appreciate those types of comments. When I texted people asking if they are coming to the wedding, I just get ignored. I can understand all the family that has kids. I don't expect them to dish out so much money, but all the "single" people/friends. There is no excuse. We are obviously not worth it.
  13. I'm planning on having 20 guests or less, and I'm not sure if having a DJ would look weird with such little amount of people. Any thoughts?
  14. Does anyone know what the exact address is for Nuestra Señora del Pilar? My church here needs it, but I cannot find it online.
  15. Does anyone know what the exact address is for Nuestra Señora del Pilar? My church here needs it, but I cannot find it online.
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