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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by qupid21 I finally got an answer from Alejandra. I'm worried about waiting till 45 days till the wedding to start planning... Any thoughts from previous brides on dealing with this stress? Thanks!! Ps Connie is still MIA, I've emailed her at least 10 times since June and haven't received one word! Hi Qupid, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this stress. You shouldn't be waiting til 45 days away from the wedding to start planning. From what I remember, they wanted things as soon as possible. If there's anything I can help with, let me know. I got married there this June with 100 guests and may be able to give you the answers you need. Good luck everyone
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by beachgoddess Hello ladies! For those who have already had their weddings or stayed at this resort, could you give any feedback on the restaurants at this resort? My FI and I are planning our rehearsal dinner for just under the 50 guests that will be traveling with us. Can you give any info on which restaurants are best at accommodating a big group or which had the best food? Our top choice right now is the Mexican restaurant but I'd love to hear about your experiences! Hi Beach Goddess, If you have 50 people then the Mexican or Italian restaurant are excellent choices (They're air conditioned). I feel like a lot of people from our wedding enjoyed the Mexican restaurant, but I don't remember hearing much about the Italian during our stay. I'm sure it was good. I also heard the Japanese restaurant was amazing! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to eat at most of them because I was running around too much
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Canadagoose Does anyone know if the resort will allow us to release sky lanterns? (We are making sure that the ones we get are biodegradable.) Hi Canadagoose, I actually wanted to do this too b/c they're so beautiful! unfortunately a lot of hotels in Mexico won't let you do this b/c if they did allow it, with the amount of weddings they have each month/week/day, it would actually be harmful to the environment. I'm positive Iberostar Tucan doesn't allow it as Alejandra told me this for the above reason. I got married in June, so it may have changed in the last couple months, but doubtful
  4. Here are some pics from our wedding. Megan, I'm with you on the crying part. I cried when we got home too because I was sad it was all over. So many awesome memories....ahhhh. Amazing. We were so excited we even forgot to exchange our rings. haha. We got to the end of the aisle and turned to see our Best Man and Maid of Honor walking towards us grinning and shaking their heads with our rings in their hand. haha. WHOOPS. You girls all look so beautiful, honestly. Not one picture on here has had a bride in it where she looked anything but stunning. Here are some from our wedding. We had such an awesome time with laughter all day long. Then for the reception we danced all night long...non-stop..even the parents. I loved it. Keep the pics coming. I love seeing all the pretty pictures. xoxoxoxo
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress. All you girls look so beautiful. I'll post mine over the weekend. After ours was over I just kept asking my other couple friends..."Okay...sooooo...can you do a destination wedding please?" haha. Everyone had so much fun. Good luck, Megan and Congrats. I think today is your day? xoxoxoxo Ladies
  6. Don't worry about the weather. We are atill down here for our honeymoon and its nothing but sunshine can't wait to post pics. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Thank you! Yeah, that's what we read too, but we have so much stuff that if they need to break them, that's fine. But at least thise who would go in just to steal something, they won't bother
  8. Oh! And luggage locks. You all probably thought about this, but we hadn't until my cousins wife mentioned it.
  9. Alright party people. We're heading out this morning. I just wanted to give one final "Safe travels, good luck, early congrats" to all of you ladies, as I'll be in Mexico the next 18 days. You guys are awesome and I can't wait to come back and hear how beautiful all of your weddings were. I'll try to get on here while i'm down there to give updates to a few of you Playa Del Carmen ladies on what's available on 5th and at Wal-mart. Two things we did last minute, that I wanted to suggest: 1. Call your bank and let them know you'll be out of the country 2. Updated my phone plan to International Coverage for a temporary period. It's $.99/minute, $.50 text messages out and $.05 text messages in. I also paid $25 for 100GB of data while I'm down there b/c that costs more as well when you go out of the US. Since we'll be there for an extended period of time, I wanted to be sure I could post pics, reach out to the fam, etc. That's it! Have an amazing time, ladies! And remember, if something is stressing you out at this point in the game, cut it out of the agenda. It's not worth your stress, you should be nothing but elated...you're getting married and you're the bride to be!!! xoxoxoxo Best Wishes Jessica
  10. No!!! Do not get this upset over wine. It's wine...maybe the smallest thing you need to worry about. My girlfriend gave me good advice when i was panicking over little details and she goes, "Jessica, no one cares about the stupid programs, the center pieces, the decorations. They are flying down there because they want to see you and Rory get married. That's it. People are there to see your love, not the other stupid ass shit you are worrying over." And it's so true!!!! All the stuff i was worrying about, I can't recall at any of the weddings I've ever been too. And You are having a destination wedding, people can't expect top wine from Napa. don't put so much pressure on yourself. It's going to be beautiful, amazing and perfect. Whether it's boxed wine or fine wine People will understand.
  11. We leave this weekend!!! HOLY CRAP. We fly out this Saturday and then people start rolling in Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for the June 15th wedding. I can't wait Talk to you ladies soon
  12. CONGRATS, Madison!!!!! Lots of happiness and well wishes being sent your way
  13. I LOVE Angus and Julia!!! I always wanted to dance to their "Just a Boy" song, but we found a John Butler Trio song that is perfect for the two of us. But man...love that duo I feel like I haven't been on here as much b/c I've been so freaking busy. I hope you ladies are doing fabulous. I leave in 2.5 weeks so between getting all the final stuff done for the wedding and making sure I have everything covered for work while I'm out for 18 days...I'm a BIT overwhelmed. Oh, and we're having poeple booking the last couple days. Crazy. I keep telling myself to not get overwhelemd and just feel the positive emotions. When I do that...I'm in a very very happy place I just need to enjoy the ride as it only happens once
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