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  1. hi savs and thanks for the advice.....its always been my dream to get married in mexico ,but its always been a picture i saw with my mum there .its so difficult.i lost my nana 2 weeks ago then got the new about mum.its all been a big blow.Thanks once again for your kind words xxxxx
  2. im in a dillema im not sure what to do.im meant to be getting married in sep with my family flying out with us.Last wk my mum got news that she has advanced lung cancer.its incurable but she will have chemo.she may not have long....im devestated.my mums wish was to see me get married.she wont be able to fly.so she wont be coming to mexico.i cant believe this is happening.I thought about getting married in the uk then going as planned to mexico but not telling all the guests we are already married.my fiance isnt too happy with this as i appreciate its all not what we wanted he and myself would
  3. im looking for a lovely cake topper and can not seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone know of any where ? x
  4. ahhhh how beautiful! I love the trash the dress shots too .I def want to do that looks so much fun.Did you get more photos for the TTD shoot than what was shown ? :0) xx
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