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  1. I was so glad to have a tea-length dress! It was just fitting perfectly on the beach.
  2. Here you go: http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/store/ff8080811f457b8c011f56709bc04543.html
  3. Wedding coordinator told me their photographer is Luma Estudio: https://www.facebook.com/luma.estudio1 I checked out the pictures on their Facebook page and wasn't much impressed. Budget-wise it is the cheapest option for the photographer though... I tried to find photographers in Samana, but they don't seem to have any - most search results give Punta Cana photographers.
  4. Adorable! Both of them! That's kind of sandals I'd like to get for the reception.
  5. I wasn't planning on making personalized hangers - I was going to get simple wooden ones and add a ribbon bow. But when I saw these hangers in Walmart, I figured I can kill two birds with one stone. There was a 3-pack hangers with the wire across with the clips (like the groom's hanger on the picture). I got my FI to take away the wire from 2 hangers and kept the 3rd one as is for his pants. Next step - some wiring. And then I put the wires in the hanger's existing holes with some hot glue. It took me literally an hour to make all 3 hangers. There is still a bow to add. Tip: use the paper t
  6. I just finished my DIY flop flops. I'm going barefoot, but will use these to get from the room to the beach.
  7. Not sure about the trial. I just copy-pasted what was in the document they sent me. I'm going for makeup only since I'll be doing simple curls and should be able to handle it myself. You can contact them about the trial. I remember seeing somewhere that it's 40% of the hairstyle price, but I might be mistaking.
  8. I got the price list from the resort SPA (spabpcle@bahia-principe.com) for makeup and hair. Just thought I'd share. Bridal Hairstyle: Hair test includes 1 or 2 days before the wedding to choose the best hair stylist for a special day. PRICE: 95 US$ Make Up: Our makeup artist will perform a perfect make- up, in harmony with the hairstyle and taste. PRICE: 75 US$ *False eyelashes: 20 US$ Special Hairstyle: Hairstyle designed for bridesmaids, family and friends who want to be flawless for your big day. PRICE: 75 US$ Bridal Hairstyle and Makeup: 155 US$ Special Hairst
  9. I guess in my case I should answer the question "How small is your wedding?" We invited 14 close relatives and friends, and only 3 will be joining us, which is within our expectations. We wanted a small intimate ceremony since the beginning.
  10. I have nearly the same reasons. Initially we were planning to hold the wedding in Russia (at the Black sea) as my family is living there. It was too budget heavy and things also got complicated. But when our best friend, who's going to hold the ceremony, drew me a picture: "Imagine both of you barefoot on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean", - I just couldn't resist that idea!
  11. I'm so glad to see this thread! I'm right in the research for the undies. I'll be topless under the dress, maybe will go for a Nu Bra for the evening as I change the dress. And I cannot make up my mind for the panties! I'd love to have something comfortable, more of a cotton, but on the other hand I want something in cute/sexy lace. I guess half-and-half (cheecky with lace trim) will be a fair trade off...
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