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  1. Wow beautiful set up!! We will have about 5-6 round tables with 10 ppl at each. Does the resort supply the table covers/ napkins or did you have to bring those? I want to do our wedding colors on the tables... But I don't want to get there and realize it will cost an arm and leg to rent them!
  2. We went with DJ mannia cancun. It's 900 for 4 hours, plus you have to pay the $300 vendor fee. So a total of 1200. They include cold fireworks, some decor and lots of extras... If you look on their website I'm sure they'll have more info. Hope this helps!
  3. Ahh so exciting! We will be there at the same time!! ill have to sneak a peak of your wedding lol! Tha is for the info... Ill check into Lucy!
  4. So are most of you gals doing table decor/ table runners? I guess I hadn't thought that far... (We are getting married April 6th so now its crunch time:) I didn't want to bring that much down there... but I don't want the tables to look bare OR pay an arm and leg for the resort to do it! Those who have purchased table decor/ table runners, where did you get them? Any help would be appreciated!!
  5. Ok well I just did it and I was nervous! I am not used to the whole "paypal" thing... Im going to take your advice and print all hard copies.. thanks for the help!
  6. Great!! Thanks so much! How did you go about getting them the contract they need? Did you just scan it? Sorry for all the questions:)
  7. Has anyone already booked/paid with DJ mania cancun? I am ready to deposit but a little weary about putting $400+ deposit through PayPal in Mexico.... Has anyone else done this?
  8. It depends on your package... But just remember the resort charges an additional $300 fee for them to be there:/ ughhh
  9. Trust trust me... I am not crafty at all and I put together bouquets and they turned out great !! I did 5 and spent $70:) I was scared they would look tacky or "cheap" but they really look great! All my girls loves them also. I am just going to pack them up and brig them with in a suitcase:)
  10. I believe the fireworks come with the DJ... I know our DJ (mania cancun) includes fireworks with our package... Might be worth checking into if your going with a DJ:)
  11. I received an email back from Ramon yesterday about this. We have the divine package and as of now we have 54 guests. He said "the buffet will basically be the same price as the sit down..." He also disregarded my question about using the included photographer for the rehearsal dinner and said "please note that our packages cannot be altered/ substituted" That's a different story that I an getting from other brides on this forum... So I think my next step is contacting Anel to clarify... Ill keep you posted...
  12. EEEk! So excited! This is where I am having my ceremony and reception as well... Looks beautiful:) I like the idea of the ceremony being very close to the reception site so guests wont have to go to far. Thanks for posting these pics!
  13. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We will be there in April:) I have been speaking with DJ mania and am waiting on another response about payment. I am just a tad skeptical about paying up front being as it is in Mexico (and not till April) and not through the resort... Have they told you what their usual requirements are (deposit, paying at time of service?) and also, is there a fee for them to come and set up on the resorts property? I know with outside florists the resort charges but wasn't sure about a DJ. Thanks for any info and congrats again!
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