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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by julestwin Yep that was us did you guys have yours that evening on the beach? Yes, we did! It is great to hear that your wedding went well. It was definitely a memorable day. Now Jade did a great job. All that planning and in the end it works out great. Enjoy newlywed life. Tara
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AllieH I brought real shells bought in the states for the place card holders. I did not have a problem but the resort did not package them back up for me to bring them back home. If you are bringing real shells, be prepared to leave them there. If you want to keep a few for keepsakes then I would just leave a few at home. Enjoy! Tara
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by monigmp03 Another question- What are people using for their "musician" for the music that is included in the devine package? And are you using them for the ceremony or the cocktail hour? I thought there was a caribbean trio but now I don't see that option. Hi monigmp03, The music included in the package is either guitar, violin or I think harp. You have to pay for the other options. We used the guitar during dinner. Good luck! Tara
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TFinlay To all past brides or brides-to-be who have visited Now Jade, What is the best cake flavour? I am supposed to say which I want on the planning form but can't decide because they all sound delicious. Hi TFinlay, We choose the following: WC001 Bella Matrimoniale Classic with raspberry & chocolate. It was pretty amazing. Tara
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by heathersierra Hey all, I've booked the Devine wedding package which comes with the hour of live music. (Guitar or sax) If I chose to use the guitar player for the cocktail hour instead of during the ceremony, do you know if there will be speakers set up at the ceremony (im booked for the pergola) to play any music I'd like played during the entrances or is that going to be an extra fee to have speakers?? Hi Heather, The ceremony will have the sound system as it is included in the package. We used the guitar player during the dinner hour which we already asked for the sound system ($150 usd plus tax). I am not sure if you will have to pay for the sound system during the cocktail hour. They have speakers at the cocktail hour that plays their music or your ipod.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by julestwin I just returned for the Jade we got married on September 7th. I was wondering if it really take 3 months to get the marriage certificate back? Daisy said it would take that long. Thanks Julie Hi Julie! I got married the night of 9/7 at Now Jade. I saw your wedding party that day in the blue shirts. Congratulations!!! Tara
  7. Hi Brides to be! I just came back from our wedding at Now Jade. It was the most incredible & memorable experience. They really have it under control. Just so you know Pilar is out on medical leave, so Deisy has been taking care of all the details. She is fantastic and so even tempered and positive. In terms of doing a test run for hair and make up - I thought of it, but was so busy floating in the ocean with all of our friends and family that it became a low priority. The stylists are great and really do the hair and makeup to what you want. It seems that the make up is a lot at first but it stays on all night plus photographs great. Don't worry brides to be - just as other brides said, NJ will take care of you. I literally went through the consultation and went through my suitcase of items. Deisy had it all down, and it turned out perfect. I would recommend being as organized as possible. Let me know if you have any questions. I will prob get to my review later in the month.
  8. Hi EmmA1025, I am getting married on 9/7. I sent the save the dates right after new years and had the website up and running with all the info including our travel agent's iinfo. I sent the invites 4 months before the wedding. RSVPs were due 2 months before so I had a 2 week padding to fill out the Now Jade paperwork that is due 45 days prior. We had a few people that we had to call to confirm if they were a yay or nay but it was not too bad. We have 59 guests not including us so pretty good turnout. Sounds like you are on track sending the save the dates!!!
  9. Fantastic Review! Thanks for sharing. I have been contemplating the fireworks. Do you mind sharing what you get and an estimated cost?
  10. Thanks ChocoTaco7568! Do you know if the sound system comes with one speaker or 2? We are having a DJ come in and he is going to connect his equipment to the sound system. We are trying to figure out if we need to get 1 or 2 speakers. Thanks so much!
  11. Is the $722 for 2 people for 8 nights ocean view? That is an amazing rate. When are you staying there? Sounds like more nights you book, the more discount you get...
  12. Hi September Bride!!! I am one too - getting married on 9/7 which is 3.5 mos away!!! I have not booked my hair/makeup/spa yet but thanks for the reminder! I have been pretty on track with things I can be, but maybe I am being a little chill too. I have tried to contact Pilar, but she does not contact me back. My fiance finally just sent a request through the concierge and received a quicker response from another coordinator. Maybe try that or set up a call. I keep reading that everything will be fine when we get there though. I think the light month is due to hurricane season. The last hurricane was in 2005 so hopefully (fingers crossed) the weather will be perfect.... Honestly, we went to Puerto Vallarta in October a few years ago. A hurricane passed through but did not hit land. The Dreams resort was very prepared and we even saw weddings go on a few days later. Hopefully everything will be okay. Let's just say it will. What time did you decide to get married at?
  13. Hi EmmA1025, My girlfriend had suggested I start buying items when I saw them on sale so I would not feel rushed at the end. So far, it has been a relief to get things out of the way. In terms of welcome bag stuff, I am waiting until I get the final headcount, but I have started to look at what I am interested in to include. Save the dates went out 9 mos prior. Wedding invites were scheduled to go out 5 mos prior but went out 4 mos prior... no stress there. The invites will get addressed when they do. The rsvps are due 2 mos prior so I can get back to the resort. I have 3.5 mos left and yes, there is plenty to do but at the same time no matter what it will turn out to be a beautiful celebration. You are definitely be on track. It was stressful the first 4 mos but now it is fun thinking of the little details that makes the wedding our own. Good luck!
  14. Great review! Thanks for sharing. I love that your decor is so simple and elegant. Question - was the legal ceremony part of the devine package or did you have to pay more for the blood test, officiant, etc?
  15. This is great info. Thanks so much kitkat863. Planning this wedding has been fun and interesting knowing that we haven't even seen the location. We definitely live in a digital age relying on blogs and pics to make our decisions. Your input is so helpful. Tara
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