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  1. I am inspired!! I have done diy invites, barefoot sandals,bouquets,boutonnieres, and hopefully these!!!! How did you cut and assemble them!? Please please share your steps!!
  2. For anyone wanting the restaraunt and reception, etc costs, you can message me and I can forward you all the info I have if you cant reach Maria. I have all of the brochures on my computer. Also, I am using Pastor York, his fee this year is $350 and the resort charges $200 for outside vendors, so its $550 if you choose that option.. I also have his contact info if this helps anyone.!!!!
  3. Im still trying to decide if I want one. I am considering birdcage veil but I havent tried on any that i like!
  4. Also, I have been worried about finding a foundation that wont be heavy, but with enough coverage..I dont want a cake face? I wear BB cream daily and this is enough for my day to day but I am not sure for the wedding. any suggestions? so far MAC foundation is too heavy for me and Im not opposed to a drug store brand since I dont wear foundation much! HELP!
  5. Actually my FI brought up the idea of a destination wedding because we love to travel and could never get people to travel with us! I originally felt weird only because I didnt want to be a financial burden to anyone and deal with the stress of people being excluded based on $$$. Then I compared prices with a few of my traditional brides and it was a no brainer once I saw how much we would save and how easy the planning would be. Quite a few family and friends are going to make it and for those who cant, we will have great pics and video and a party when we return home!! Consider all of the pros and cons for each and do whats best for you!!!
  6. Hey ladies! I found it helpful to email Maria who is the wedding planner at the resort. mice.puj@riu.com is her contact info...She is very informative and will take care of all of your concerns and questions. My date is June 15 this year and I am nervous!!! Also, the photography company is wedding@antillanafoto.com and they will email their packet and prices and schedule and appointment upon your arrival!!! I hope that helps!!!
  7. Has anyone been able to provide feedback who has used Pastor York?Thanks
  8. I love this thread!!! I dont have enough posts to download:( can someone PLEASE email me the templates!! I would very much appreciate it!! msbelle26@gmail.com!!! Thanks!
  9. Love these!! I was just searching for ways to do the same !! How did you attach them? did you stitch them or use glue?
  10. Can you share how you completed the layout and what color and kind of paper used for your inside pages? I am in the process of doing mine and I have not figured out how to eliminate blank pages very inspiring!
  11. How much was the final cost for everything? I would love to do these but it looks AMAZING so I am sure you paid a pretty penny!
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