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  1. May I ask where Gabriel posted this info?! I hope it's ready for our big day in November!
  2. Does anyone know the exact address for Jellyfish? We are looking to find the exact geographical coordinates and this will be the easiest way!
  3. Tha Mimiq, quick question for you... For the highlight trailer , were you able to get a hard copy of it? Thanks
  4. Tha Mimiq, quick question for you... For the highlight trailer , were you able to get a hard copy of it? Thanks
  5. Hi Past Jellyfish brides!! We are searching for a videographer for our special day at Jellyfish, and we would like to know if anyone has any good suggestions. We have looked at carribean emotions and video punta cana. We are a tad confused as to what is exactly included in the video.. So if anyone could give us some information that would be delightful! We love the highlight trailers but are unsure if we can get that on DVD?! Much thanks! Xo
  6. We haven't sent Mayte anything as of yet.. But I think I am going to send a very detailed email with arrows and all ,showing exactly what I would like. I think it's going to be fun to let her creativity be allowed as well. Any other suggestions from past Jellyfish brides?
  7. We are thinking our colour scheme is going to be white/cream with the accent colours of burnt orange and magenta pink in the flowers and our menu cards/ribbons.
  8. We got a hell of a deal for Now Larimar... When I look at prices now for Novemeber it is absolutely ridiculous! We totally lucked out thanks to a promotion from Sunwing. We tried asking our rep to stay an extra 3 nights, 10nt package, and it was two and a half times more per person! It sucks we can't stay an extra couple of days... But what can you do! What colours are you ladies thinking?
  9. @jennac2. I haven't sent Mayte any ideas as of yet... We are still finalizing some ideas. I have a ton of pictures saved to send her with diagrams and all! She does beautiful work.. It's amazing how calm I feel about everything. I feel like we are all in great hands! Where are you ladies staying? We are booked at the Now Larimar.
  10. Hi Ladies! We are getting married at Jellyfish on Novemeber 14,2013!!! We are so excited ! Everything is coming along nicely... Just working on ordering our invitations to send to everyone Question for all you brides; did you give a dinner option in your invitations? Do you have to let Mayte know before what everyone is ordering? We are choosing the set menu with the lobster on it etc... Any insight would help Thanks !!!
  11. Hi Girls! I am staying at Now Larimar, my girlfriend is doing my makeup, she has worked for Nars and Mac Cosmetics in the past. Now she just does make up on the side, but is getting back into the industry . we will be there from nov 12-18 if anyone is interested.
  12. I would also love that brouche of pricing if possible! andrea_maz@hotmail.com
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