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  1. So much helpful info on here! I hate when shipping to Canada is often more than the item itself. So frustrating!
  2. I just booked the 4 hour Maracuya package today. It's $1100 and they have a promotion right now for Sept/Oct brides where you get a free hour when you book any package over 3 hours. Not sure if that applies to you, but it's a nice little bonus I wasn't expecting after getting nickel and dimed on everything else so far!
  3. Awesome! What time are you guys getting married at? I thought we were the only ones that day, but that's cool,MIT will be fun to have somebody to "plan" with!
  4. Hi ladies, just wondering if anybody has used the onsite spa for their hair and/or makeup and if you would recommend it or anybody working there in particular? I was at my brothers wedding in Cabo in January and my mom and I got our hair done at the spa on the resort (RIU Palace) and I had photos of everything I wanted (simple stuff, soft updo and basic smoky eye makeup, nothing crazy) and it turned out awful. $300 later We pretty much looked like Mexican hookers. So understandably I am a bit nervous to use the onsite spa now, but I cannot justify spending the $800 outside vendor fee for a outside company. Any opinions /photos/info you have would be much appreciated!!
  5. Hey ladies! This forum is fantastic, so much good info. I'm getting married at the Sensatori 10/23/13, look forward to chatting with you all
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