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  1. Hi ladies, we just got married on Nov 23 at Dreams Tulum! Nothing but great reviews, our day was beyond beautiful! I will write up a review in the next few days, and like the previous bride feel free to email me with any questions amanda.penner2@gmail.com. Also can answer any questions about traveling with a group of guests, ect. We got married at the Terrace of the Convention Centre, and had our reception on the beach.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by KristinT Did anyone get an answer to this? I want to bring my own paper lanterns too, its crazy how much they charge to 'rent' theirs!! KristinT, I am taking down 35 lanterns, ranging in size from 8" to 20". SO much cheaper to buy your own and bring them down. Although they are still charging us around $150 to set them up, but that is still cheaper than buying the lanterns from resort.
  3. HI ladies, for those of you who decorated with paper lanterns, what size of lanterns do you recommend? I am thinking I will buy around 30 for our beach reception, but not sure how big will be too large for the space.
  4. What is a good makeup setting spray? Any recommendations? I have tried the Urban Decay up all night spray and I hated it- made my face look oily for some reason. I really want to wear my hair down and curled (it is very long).... would this look hold up in the humidity though? Suggestions?
  5. Did any of you bring your own paper lanterns down? Did you need a certain length in order to string them up on the beach reception site? It seems pretty expensive to rent them from the resort (for 10, they charge $250 + tax + setup).
  6. Also going to book hair and makeup appointments soon. Does the resort salon do good work, and are they easy to work with/communicate with? I think I am planning to do a few hair and makeup trials at home first and then take a bunch of pictures down to make it easier- anyone else doing something similar? Would you recommend bringing your own makeup down for them to use? Or do they have a good selection?
  7. Has anyone hired a DJ through the resort? Or is it better to hire an off-resort DJ and pay the $120 vendor fee?
  8. How did you hire this DJ? Through the resort, or was he a vendor you brought in separate?
  9. We will have around 70 guests, am I right in thinking I read that the pool terraces won't hold that many? I may be wrong, I have read so many things at this point!
  10. Also, former brides I would love your email addresses so I can ask questions! I think I will have lots of them before November comes My email is amanda.penner2@gmail.com
  11. Hi Ladies, We are getting married Nov 23! We are just filling out all the package paperwork- I am nervous! We are trying to decide between a reception on the beach or the ballroom. We love the look of the beach location, but are worried that it may be windy and loud with the ocean. Any previous brides have input on these locations, please help!
  12. Not sure if my last reply worked. Here it is again: getting married here November 2013! Wondering about whether it is worth the money to get a DJ, or would you recommend renting speakers and bringing an ipod? Also, some of you mentioned a beach disco...what if we just skipped the DJ and speaker rental and just went to the beach disco? Or would it be too impersonal with other people there outside of the wedding guests?
  13. Getting married here November 2013! Just wondering if it is worth the extra costs of bringing in your own DJ, or if it is better to just rent speakers and hooking it up to an ipod OR just go to this disco on the beach that some of you are talking about? Or is this disco pretty busy, and would it feel too impersonal? Hope you ladies can help with this
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