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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by cmingalone Are their any previous JF brides willing to share their final invoice? THanks !! Carolina.Mingalone@bp.com I would also like to see a final invoice if at all possible!!! Thank you so much! adrienne.vida@gmail.com
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by samantha2 We got married there last week and used HDC Photography. We did pay the $1000 vendor fee and it was still cheaper to pay the cost of the photographer plus the vendor fee than using Tropical pictures. We are soooo happy that we went with HDC. If your photographer is a guest that you are bringing with you and they are staying at the resort I believe there is no fee. First off, Congratulations! You looked beautiful! Do you know how long the photographer has to stay as a guest? We aren't actually getting married at the resort, so really, all of the pictures the photographer would be taking would mostly be of us getting ready, I think.
  3. I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but does anyone know what the vendor fees are to bring an outside photographer into the resort? Thank you!!!!
  4. I am getting married in February and am in the same boat you are and would like to know these things as well! )
  5. Did anyone have any issues with sending the $500 deposit by wire transfer to Jellyfish Enterprises?
  6. Is anyone using the company WeDo to get their marriage license in the DR? Thanks
  7. Hi Ladies! Quick Question; Did you choose the Open Bar option? If so, which option did you choose and how many hours are you doing the open bar for? I'm looking at the Gold option currently, $17 per person seems kind of pricey?
  8. I am looking to use either Phil Steingard or Michael Steingard as a photographer for my wedding in Punta Cana in February 2014, just wondering if there are any other brides out there that would like to use either one of them as well to cut the costs down of the photography package. Let me know Thanks!
  9. Hi ladies! I am looking to get married in February 2014, I know its kind of early but is anyone else looking to get married around that same time? I definitely want to have my ceremony + reception at the Jellyfish and am looking at having either Phil Steingard or Michael Steingard as one of the photographers. Let me know! Thanks!
  10. Just wondering what the updated price list is for the Jellyfish. I'm looking to have my ceremony + reception there in February 2014 (long time away I know! ) If anyone could send it to my email that would be great adrienne.vida@gmail.com Thanks!!
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