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  1. Thank you! You two looked awesome and so did your set-ups. We are bringing alot of things too...just didn't want to be disappointed if we couldn't!
  2. Hi! Congrats! Your wedding was beautiful. I wanted to ask if ASP set up a separate table for your cake? I'm wanting to add some something things to the table if they do? Also, did you bring any of your own decorations...we are planning on doing that but can't seem to get an answer if they charge or if its a no, no. Thanks and congratulations!
  3. As you may know, WC not very responsive/slow/confused...LOL! Thank goodness my daughter doesn't get stressed. I think I get more aggravated, control freak here Hopefully it all falls together once she gets there and meets with her WC. We are very excited!
  4. Oh I like the cover up idea, thanks. I'll have to check on the bathing suit (I think he has many)! I'm also including a cute blue angel bouquet charm (something new/blue) for her flowers and cosmetic bags.
  5. Our daughter is getting married there April 3. She is very excited! It's a beautiful resort. Hopefully it stays that way!
  6. Hi! My daughter is getting married in Mexico in April and would like to put together a nice welcome bag for her and my future son-in-law. The only thing I have so far are bride/groom flip flops. Please help me with some sentimental, creative and fun gift ideas!! Thank you!
  7. Hi was wondering what items you may have left? Thanks!
  8. Hi: I would be interested in some of your items please email: PSmith0905@msn.com Tried to PM but only allowed 2 Thanks!
  9. I love the little star fish favor...do any of you ladies know where I can get something like that? Wondering if they came that color or where painted? Thanks!!!
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