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  1. Congrats Jolly!! Yes, and my wedding was WONDERFUL and more than I could ever imagine. I have been slacking, but I will give a full update tonight with PICS for everyone. Theresa is AWESOME!!! No worries about her not being there. Jennifer is on site and is wonderful wonderful wonderful. Her calmness will calm you down! LOL. Quote:Originally Posted by yalitza0408 Hey Tisha, How did your wedding go?? Would love your input. I also hired Theresa (who i love) lol Did everything come out as planned?? I'm just worried since she wont be on site making sure things go right. Which package did you go with? Thanks Jolly
  2. He has a new email. send me a private message because it will go to my email and I won't forget to send it to you.
  3. Keep your welcome bags more simple! Water may be alot to carry and to ship. Quote:Originally Posted by Ashnicole6 Just thought of something else, what is every doing for favors/welcome gifts? I was thinking of getting labels made to put on water bottles and had some other cute ideas but am not sure as whatever I choose to do I will have to bring on the plane with me! Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Every year, the hotels upgrade their contracts. I PROMISE YOU. Every bar has premium liquor so don't waste your money. If your rehersal dinner is in the Gabi Club...the bar is right there so you will be fine. Quote:Originally Posted by Ashnicole6 Hello everyone! I am debating whether to upgrade our rehearsal dinner and reception to premium alcohol, but am unsure if it is worth the cost. Can I have any previous bride's input on this? I was told by my wedding planner that you can get premium alcohol at any of the bars in the resort, I want to make sure this is true because if so I don't think it's worth it to upgrade for the reception. I would appreciate any input/advice, thank you!
  5. Hi Ladies...I know I have to tell you all about my wedding. It was wonderful. I am leaving work and PROMISE by tomorrow to post everything including some great pictures. You all will be amazingly pleased with everything. I PROMISE.
  6. Hey ladies!! I just landed back in Atlanta and my wedding was AMAZING! Can't wait to get settled and fill you all in.
  7. I just checked with my planner, and the outside vendor fee for the Pastor is $120.00 - Not $1,000.00. The $1,000 is only for the photographer. I'm so sorry you are having to go through that. Good Luck honey. Quote:Originally Posted by MrsWiggins2Be Hi Ladies. This is my first post here and I am reaching my frustration limit with PPC. With regard to Pastor York, you can reach him through rickandsuzanneyork@gmail.com. He is not available for my wedding in April 2014, but recommended Pastor Mark Lykins. He quoted me a fee of $350. However, BEWARE! My coordinator in Miami (Jessica) first told me that PPC would charge me $1000 (the penalty fee, as I like to call it) for anyone other than Pastor York. Being SO sick of these ridiculous fees and upcharges associated with everything and given that Pastor York wasn't available and recommended Pastor Lykins (his colleague!), I raised a major stink and asked to speak with an on-site manager. Jessica informed me that she had emailed the on-site manager and copied her on the response to me. Later in the day (yesterday), Jessica e-mailed saying they would waive the $1000 fee, but that a Christian blessing is still going to cost me "$550+tax." This is over and above the fee charged by the Pastor so with tax, the total cost to have a Pastor preside over your ceremony will be $999. I have questioned this fee also and intend to fight it. How can PPC justify charging couples $649 for a Pastor to walk on the property and preside over a 30 minute ceremony - especially when they do not have an "on-site" Pastor (the excuse they use to charge the $1000 for outside photographers/videographers/florists etc)?!
  8. Hi Ladies... I know there was someone else on this post that said they were using Pastor Mark for their ceremony at the Paradisus. Does anyone have his email address or a new email address for Pastor York? Pastor York's keeps bouncing back. Thanks!!
  9. the package that's $2500 has a videoagrapher. If you go with another photographer/Videoagrapher - you will have to pay an outside vendor fee which if I recall is $1000.00 Quote:Originally Posted by JennyAdele Hi ladies! I'm deciding on which Arrecife photography package I want but they don't mention a videographer in any of the packages. Does anyone know if they offer video as well? Or do I need to find another vendor for that? Thanks so much!! Jenn
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by kissta I private messaged you the contact information that I have! LOL...send it to me tooooooo! lol.
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by kissta I have heard positive reviews about RS Entertainment through this blog. I think they stopped working with DJ Mannia because they were late or whatnot to events? I have been in contact with the DJ, so far all he has provided me is a form to fill out with my preferences, etc. I am working on finishing it this week and then will send back and we will see what happens afterwards! Hey Love, do you have a direct emaill or number for the DJ? Do you mind sharing with me please? I'm 44 days out and just closed all my books so that means my final invoice should be here very soon. LOL. I just would like to touch base with the DJ directly to calm my nerves. Thanks Kissta!
  12. Hey Ladies - brides and brides to be, I have a question. I"m thinking about making some additions to my wedding - but last minute. When I get to the hotel, which will be 3 days before my wedding - will they let me add things? Example - Lighting and tenting and the possible fire dancers? I just can't make up my mind now, and I'm about to close my books soon. Anybody have any ideas or experience? Thank you ladies!!!
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by shortnsweet I'll check it out! Thanks! I'll probably get some ideas too! Oh you will!! Absolutely beautiful pics!
  14. Quote:Originally Posted by Katie83 Does anyone know if we can light those wishing lanterns on the beach in the Dominican Republic? Hi Katie...If those are the lanterns that go up in the air and fly away...NOPE. I wanted to do the same thing but they have rules because it can dirty the beach, and get in the water and hurt the fish and wildlife.
  15. Quote:Originally Posted by shortnsweet Online reviews keep mentioning outdated rooms and the long check in process. Anyone experience this? Unless you are reserve or royal service you apparently have to wait to check in. Then, for royal service, your butler's main responsibility is to sell you a timeshare. People are writing that if you don't want it, then they don't help you the rest of your visit. I know that my planner was there for 3 weddings a few months ago AND Shelli from Destination Weddings was there last October and both RAVED about the upgrades that have been done to the hotel. I see alot of pics, and watch alot of wedding videos and on this blog, talk to different brides that had different experiences..but none that you mentioned. I'm booked in the reserve with close to 25 rooms booked - so I was told I would have not wait but a desk would be set up since most of my guest will arrive on the same day. I'm not sure about the Royal service at all, but I did read that there is not a private butler, but a butler per floor (or something along those lines.) I wish I could be more of a help to you... :-( I thank goodness that I don't go through the Miami office because they were useless to me and made my planning more difficult in the beginning. At least using my planner - I get honest feedback about how things work, and what I should avoid, or go for. Good Luck my luv!
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