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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by SuffolkBride My dress has just been dispatched by DressilyMe!!! Due to arrive 6pm (GMT) Monday by FedEx. I'm so excited, but a little annoyed as just last week I got them to agree to send me pictures of the dress....so nervous! Exciting! Can't wait to see pictures!!
  2. You welcome! Make sure that whoever you buy it from, push for them to send you pictures before they ship it in case you need to change anything! Good luck! Can't wait to see it!
  3. A lot of brides on here has ordered from babyonline, me being one! I was very pleased with my dress. But I know that there are some who has had success with babyonline and some brides who didn't. I wore the dress for my actual wedding!
  4. Yes! I really like it! I love the sleeves! I wish I could have gotten a dress similar to yours too, but I'm sure it wouldn't have looked great one me! Lol! And I don't think I have heard of the seller you named. Do some more research on the internet and see if they have any reviews! Good luck!
  5. That dress is BEAUTIFUL! And a lot of brides on here has had success with DHGate, but some didn't. I guess it really depends on who you go with. I went with babyonline and they did a great job on my dress. But I know that for some brides, the dresses from babyonline didn't really come to their expectations. Some other websites that are popular is Jasmine's Bridal and Dressilyme! Good luck!
  6. Before I went with DHgate, I did look at AliExpress too. And surprisingly, I think I talked with the same seller on AliExpress as DHgate. I don't remember if anyone has had experience with AliExpress but I was happy with my dress from babyonline. Good luck on finding the perfect dress!
  7. OH! Congratulations!! I want to see pictures of the dress!!! $400 is a pretty great price!
  8. ooooo! i can't wait to see your dress!!! post pics when you get the dress! excited for you!!
  9. I thought the lace that babyonline did for me was pretty well done. And I just looked at the Allure 8959 dress, it was BEAUTIFUL!
  10. Yeap! I can't believe I actually went through all the pages! lol! And you welcome! And yes! I've never seen babyonline do dress with lace before, so I was very pleased that it came out well. To be honest, I was trying not to put my hopes up since it was just a knock off version, but when Sunny sent me pictures, I was sooo excited! lol! I thought it looked pretty similar. I also purchased a petticoat to wear under so it'll be poofy like the original, but then I decided not to wear the petticoat.
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