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  1. Hi Ladies, I have not posted in months. I was married on Nov 1, 2013 and just posted my review. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to try to answer them!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion lol. no due to budget we are just hiring the sound system to play our own music. We have a DJ here in the UK who has kindly put over 2000 songs on our ipod for us. My reception finishes at 10pm so i might gate crash yours for the last hour LOL (dont panic I am joking) So in terms of your menu did you just ask your guests if they wanted beef or chicken for their main and then you chose 1 x Salad, 1 x cream option for everyone? xxx Hahahaha I totally welcome wedding crashers!! Yes, when I sent the invites they had a choice between beef and chicken, then I chose 1 salad and 1 cream option.
  3. Remykion, Are you using a DJ for the reception. I booked AVI for the night from 7-11pm. I was wondering if you did as well? If yes, I hope they have two DJ's lol
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion Hi, Can anyone explain how the divine menu works, do we have to pick one menu and EVERYbody has to have this. Can any past brides recommend what options are best? i do have a couple of vegetarians I can only assume they take this into consideration? Any advice would be appreciated. Sarah Hi! I chose two of the main options (chicken or Beef Fillet & Shrimp) then I chose a salad and a cream option and swapped the dessert for two extra appetizers for cocktail hour. I am a vegetarian and was told I can have a pasta dish instead of the beef or chicken. Hope this helps! I will see you there!!
  5. Hi Remykion! I have the Divine but we hired an outside photographer, I think you can have them take extra pictures if you go with the resort photographer but you might be charged more money (not too sure). I believe only the white table cloth is included any other colors you have to pay extra. Since we are getting married the same day! I was wondering where you chose your reception area? We have the Terrace right now and have 30 people attending, we might change to the Bamboo room.
  6. Hi Ladies! This is for past brides, I have 28 guests including myself and my fiancé and we are having the reception at the Carnival Terrace. I chose the long rectangular tables. Anyone who had the reception on the terrace, was it to small for dancing? And about how many of the long tables will fit?? Thanks!!
  7. Hi Ladies! Does anyone have any reviews on Victor Herrera photography? I might book with him and was wondering if any past brides have used them? Thanks!!
  8. Hi Ladies! So the photographer my fiancé and I were going to fly out is no longer going. I was wondering if any brides used the resort photographers and how much was full day with the divine package? Also, how is their work? I am not a picture person but for the big day i want to make sure we get great pics! We don't like traditional wedding pictures either. Any suggestions? Any decent priced photographers in the area? thanks!!!
  9. Thank You!! I am not sure which ones I am going to do yet :/
  10. Hi ladies, I have a question regarding the paper lanterns. I am having the reception on the terrace and was wondering how many lanterns I should purchase for that location to be hung? Also, any suggestions on either getting the ones with or without the LED lights? THANKS!
  11. Hopefully they extend that for your guests! Yes, I am getting married at the Pergola at 5PM. I arrive Wed Oct/30 u?? I will take u up on that glass! lol
  12. Thanks Remykion, I am trying to find a way to have my mom there. We are waiting to see what my sisters doctor says regarding her flying. We decided to not cancel and have the wedding because I know I will regret it if we don't. We just realized we will make the best of it with who is there. Btw it is soo exciting we will both be getting married the same day!! Where are you having the ceremony?
  13. Thank's Shannon. I understand about the pregnancies I guess I am being a bit selfish We offered her! But she is so stubborn and said no, in a way I think she is afraid to go because she has never been on a plane!! crazy I know!
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