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  1. I got an estimate of 8.50 for shipping, I am shipping out of Ohio.
  2. It depends on where in the US you are located, I can calculate an estimate then.
  3. I bought this custom-made stamp in order to make my own vintage first-aid kit baggies to include in my welcome bags. I filled them with band-aids, first-aid ointment, and some much needed pills! Needless to say, they were a hit among our guests! The stamp is self-inking in the color red and it says "First Aid Kit" with a cross above it. (purchased for 26.98 from Simon's stamps) I added 6 mini-canvas bags that I had used for each kit. You can find these in a 12 pack at Joann's or Michael's craft stores.
  4. Hi, I had my dream wedding in Punta Cana a couple of months ago and just now realized I have 20 fans just sitting around. They have blue ribbons tied on them but I can remove them if you want. I paid 10 dollars for each box of 12 fans.
  5. We are doing the fireworks at our wedding and we just got the pricing from the company phantom from Mayte with the prices, it's all in spanish though but if you want I can email it to you! My email is camilazev@aol.com
  6. Hey! So I used a beach template from weddingwire.com, here is our website - feel free to use our ideas: www.weddingwire.com/thefeldsteins
  7. Hey! So we used a template online from weddingwire.com, there are great apps in it but I must admit that some of the editing can be a little annoying to do but it's very self-explanatory. Here is our website if you want to get some ideas: www.wedingwire.com/thefeldsteins
  8. I am on the same boat! We wanted to go with the international open bar for 15 per person for 5 hours and because we have 50 guests, that will cost us 3750 just for drinks alone! But just like you said, we have a lot of guests that don't drink, or that maybe will have 1 drink all night long, so we are seriously considering having an open tab throughout the night like some brides suggested. I just don't know if that is something that ends up costing more depending on how large your group is. If anybody knows how much the individual drinks go for and like Jenn asked, water, juice and soda? Thanks!
  9. Hi! Can I please have a copy of the list too whenever you get a chance? She hasn't mentioned anything to me yet so I better get ahead of the game! Thanks Camila
  10. Thank you so much girls! I'll just do that, I guess it doesn't matter since nobody is driving there!
  11. It's so great that you are forwarding the new list to some brides, I haven't heard anything about it from Mayte either. Do you mind sending me a copy when you get a chance? camilazev@aol.com Thanks!
  12. Hi girls, Same here, communication with Mayte has been very difficult but at least I have 6 months before my wedding, but I understand how frustrating not getting any reassurance that everything is according to plan can be. I am actually in a bit of trouble because of the lack of communication now because for the past month I have been trying everything I can to get the proper address for the restaurant and nobody knows it and Mayte doesn't get back to me. How did you guys put it in your invites? Thank you!
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