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  1. i am definitly going to wear a veil, has anyone thought of weighing it down with something? something descrete like crystals at the end? something just for the ceremony that you can just take off?
  2. Love the Chapstick I think I am going to use that idea! Anyother ideas for gift arrival bags?
  3. I have just switched my venue from the sky terrace to the beach, now I am getting more and more excited. We just decided we wanted it a little more laid back then what we were originally trying to do. So excited! Lynda just confirmed it for us. Now I'm thinking about decorations, I was wondering what came with the beach wedding? Does the isle runner come with, or is it extra?
  4. We are doing the buffet! We actually went to a wedding at El Dorado Royale in August who had the buffet and it was amazing. Surf and Turf, ALL the food was so good that we are going to go for the same.
  5. I am planning on getting a fabric bouquet off etsy, I saw a lot on there that are soooo nice. Doing the same thing for the men. I think I'll have everyone bring their own. Not sure, maybe good as a surprise?
  6. oh good! Feel much better about it! I can't wait to be on the beach in Mexico! Lynda has not responded yet about changing my location. ekkk Now I have to think of a new layout for decorations. Luckly, I have decided not to buy anything till the date gets closer. I thought if I start buying stuff now, I will never stop and then I will hav way toooo much. Anyone know the cost of the cigar roller? I think my future husband would die if I supprised him with that!
  7. Hello everyone... I have been MIA for a while. I still have been following all the threads. I am getting married on October 12, 2013 at Azul Sensatori I have a question... My photographer, a friend of mine from home is coming with us. She is worried about bringing all her equipment and getting caught without a work permit and being charged a huge fine, we are bringing her for 4 nights to avoid the outside vendor fee. Have you all heard about this happening to a vendor you bring from home? I keep telling her a lot of tourists these days have some really nice stuff. Should we be worried? On another note I have decided to change from the sky terrace to right on the beach... Just sent an email to Lynda ( my wedding coordinator) I'm freaking out on what she may say. We have just been really thinking we are just to laid back as a couple, and we will regret it later if we didn't do it on the beach. Hope she doesn't say no..... Don't know what I would do. Ahhhh Thanks, and happy planning!!
  8. Casitas is Awesome! We were there in August for a wedding! The Japanese resturant is the BEST!! get there early it gets packed! All the sushi is good, we got 2 orders of each kind soooooo good!
  9. I am interested in this also, I am doing the sky wedding as well. I am unsure about the Gazebo options, but I know the area is only accessed by one elevator from what I heard.
  10. No I am using my own travel agent. I think I get just a resort credit, which I am hoping to use for the spa. I am also bringing my own photographer from home. I am just going to go with the mexican fiesta since its the cheapest, and we can stay witht he Theme!
  11. I am getting married October 12, 2013. I have the pearl package with the sky wedding. I am thinking about using the dinner reservations for a rehearsal dinner type thing. Oh geez, I guess I need to start going through that private banquet list. Thanks for the help! Amy
  12. I am tring to plan and I am very confused with everything! ughhh Does a reception and/or cocktail hour come with the price of the package. Or is that completly extra? There are so much extras, its giving me anxiety. I am already not a planning person. haha Also, I saw sit down dinner options in the private banquet brochure. Does anyone know of any buffet options?
  13. Hello Ladies! I am new to this site. I just Booked my wedding at Azul Sensatori on October 12, 2013 @ 3pm on the Sky Terrace. Very excited. My wedding coordinator is Lynda, and I am bringing my own photographer from my home town with me. That is all I know so far. haha Not much I guess. Its pretty far away, I have not even tried on one dress yet! I am excited to see what everyone is doing, and planning. Very Excited! Amy
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