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  1. Congrats!! We did the crystal package which was just the basic package through the resort. It pretty much included everything. We added on the beach party and dj and had to order extra bouquets for the bridesmaids and boutonnières for the groomsmen but decorations for the ceremony were all included. The difference now apparently is that package is only for up to 8 people and its 20$ extras for every other person.When we were married in January it included up to 50 people so that's a big difference depending on the amount of people you are planning on having. I will definitely send you the two emails I have for the centerpieces! Good luck with your planning!!
  2. No problem!! and yes, when she sent me the e- mail I was not expecting them to be that pricey either. I wanted to add centerpieces but I ended up bringing my own down as well. Depending what package your doing, I know that some basic centerpieces were included for free, If I remember I think it's little glass bowl with sand, a candle and some sea shells but Im not 100% sure but if you wanted flowery centerpieces you might be better off making something yourself for sure! Good luck with your planning!!
  3. Hey! I was married in January and I have a couple e-mails from Carolina with pictures of centerpieces and prices. I can send them to you if you want to give me your e-mail address!
  4. Hello!! You do have to pay for the Dj in cash which you will do once you get there but youcan book it ahead of time, Carolina will send a form through e-mail pretty much just asking for your names and date and the services you want. This way you definitely know its available ahead of time! The wedding ceremony really is just 10 min. long, althought It felt longer..lol it is pretty quick. We didn't write our own vows or anything but I atleast thought we would have to recite the vows after, but all we had to say was our "I do's" and that was it. I don't know anything about the beach BBQ we just had our semi private at one of the restaurants so hopefully someone else can help ya with that! Hope I helped a bit! Congratulations too btw!
  5. Thank you! The $300 was for the DJ for 3 hours, which they do have their own music but you can also bring your iPods or CDs and they will play your music for you. Since it was windy the night of our wedding our party was moved inside to the convention centre, so Im not 100% sure if they put a dance floor out on the beach or if it would just be the sand. I do know that they set up tables and chairs for you though as well. Since the beach ( or convention centre ) is so far away from any of the bars you pretty much also have to include the 15$ per person for drinks as well on top of it.
  6. Congatulations!! I don't know if I can help too much, we actually had a civil ceremony and did the crystal wedding package. But with the silver wedding package you do get to pick your colors for the ceremony. Once you are actually down there you will have a meeting with Carolina and she has a book that you will go through to pick flowers, chair sashes, and all your extras including colors and you can pretty much choose anything you want. You will choose your cake style (round or square) you can add flowers to the cake as well. They do also offer centerpieces for your dinner reception, they are pricey though. I ended up bringing my own down with us and I just had her set everything up. we had 27 people with us and our wedding package was $1525 we added on the beach party for three hours which was $300 and $15pp for open bar along with some upgrades on flowers, cake flowers and extra boutonnières for the guys and I think our total cost for the wedding was $3000 or just under. Sorry I couldn't help a whole lot, but good luck with everything! and congrats again!
  7. It is a big difference for sure! Im only getting the info from the palladiumweddings.com website so the information she has could be different. It can all be very confusing lol. If Im being honest there really wasn't anything I disliked about the resort ( minus a few problems after the wedding) I had the most amazing week when I was there and my wedding was better than I could of imagined. It was so hard for me to plan through e-mail because im the type of person who needs to see everything together and visualize it so I was worried about thag but everything was amazing. The resort is huge, there's so much to do and everyone is very friendly! The only issue I did have was after the wedding. We were married on a Wed. and left Sat. morning and we had brought some centerpieces and cake topper and things like that and tracking her down to get those things back was a huge hassle! We wanted our stuff back because we were having a reception back home but every time I went to her office, she wasnt there or I could never get a hold of her by phone and the front desk never helped that much and it just became such a hassle that we ended up not getting any of it back. So just be aware of that if you are bringing stuff maybe mention beforehand at the meeting with her that you want them delivered back to your room. If you have your dress steamed at all before the wedding, make sure you get the bag the dress came in back! They brought my dress back the day of the wedding just in plastic( not in the garment bag they took it in) and because I was obviously so busy with the wedding I didn't realize Until the night before we left so I pretty much spent my entire morning before leaving tracking it down so I could get my dress home on the plane, so just an FYI! These really weren't huge issues, but just so other brides know so they don't have any problems!
  8. Im pretty sure the silver package for the renewal ceremony is for a maximum of 50 people with every person above that being 20$ extra. I am not 100% on this, It dos say this online in their wedding packages but if she told you different I would just double check with that or mention it to her. You dont want to spend more than you have too! I was just married last month there and you do get to pick colours and flowers, if you want a square or round cake, centerpieces ect. Once you get there you will have a meeting with her. You can pretty much ask for anhing and they will try and accommodate you. Her emails are very generic and a lot of the time it looks like its just a generated e-mail with the same response. I believe I still have all the files she sent me,so if anyone needs anything or is wondering about anything else just ask and I will definitely try and help!
  9. I was just married last month and we had all our documentation done through the consulate in Toronto it was around $500 or so for all the documentation to be translated and legalized. It took less than 2 weeks to get everything back from them just make sure you don't get it too early. Im not sure when your big day is but the paperwork is only valid for 3 months so you don't want to get it too early so just be aware of that!
  10. I was married last month in dominican at the grand palladium punta cana. Our wedding package was also about $1500. Im not sure what all is included in your package or how much decorations you want for your wedding but I can tell you we spent about $1000 extra on top of the wedding package and that was upgraded bouquets for my 2 bridesmaids, private beach party,drinks per person for the beach party, flowers for my hair and flowers for the cake. I would say that your 10k budget is totally reasonable, if anything you will probably be under which is great cause saving money is awesome! I know that at the resort we stayed at it was about $1000 to rent out the restaurant for a private dinner and from what I looked at you can get a photographer for under $1000 depending usually right from the resort. I know the costs could obviously be different but either way your budget should definitely be enough!
  11. I was just married at the Palladium last month and I believe you do have to pay extra for chair covers and sashes but they do decorate the tables with candles, tablecloths, and they have little shell centerpeices (they aren't much) I brought my own colored napkins and centerpieces as well as guest favors to be set out at dinner and this wasn't an extra fee. Maybe she thought you were asking about them adding centerpieces? which obviously would be extra but just bring whatever you have with you when you have the meeting with her and let her know what you want set up and she will set it all up for you! Hope this kinda helps! Congratulations btw!
  12. I actually didn't use a photographer, a family friend of ours that came down with us just did our pictures for us! sorry!
  13. Congratualtions!! So exciting! But first of all don't worry! I was very confused as well before I got to the resort and had my meeting with Kenya. Its hard because your planning everything through email so its hard to imagine how it will all turn out but try not to stress over it at all though, it honestly all works out She does send an itinerary to you a few days before the wedding so you know what time you have to be ready, when your guests have to be at the wedding site and what time the groom and groomsmen need to be there. it all depends what time your wedding is, which could change because K was told 1pm for my wedding but it was moved to 3pm once we actually got to the resort. Ae you wondering about your music that you will walk down the aisle too? Just out any music you have on an iPod or cd and they will play it for you. I was. married at the ocean view Gazebo and we just had the song for us girls to walk down the aisle too and then a couple more to have playing after the wedding because they do hand out champagne and everyone kind of stands around and chats and takes pictures so you just need a bit of music to play while all that is going on. Plus they do have music that they can play as well. Hope that maybe helps a bit? Congratulations again!!
  14. Thank you!! So glad I could answer some of your questions! We had 27 guests but with the wedding package you choose it is good for up to 40 or 50 guests and that is the same with the dinner. if you have more than that I believe it is an extra 20$ per person. I have heard the beef medallions are good too, we went with the pork medallions and everyone loved them as well! Btw, usually the dinner is 6pm until 8pm and then if you go with the beach party it is from 8-11. The Dj was really good, we brought our own music on an Ipod and some Cd's and they can just plug it in and play whatever music you want! It is worth it otherwise there really isn't anywhere to go that has music and a large enough space for all your guests slid you are looking to have some sort of reception it is a good idea! There was a bit of decorations at the reception.The tables had rose petals on them and my centerpiece of flowers from the dinner was brought over as well as I brought little diamond confetti and had them sprinkle that on the tables. My beach party was moved inside though, so I can't be too sure what they do on the beach but I would assume its the same thing. Hopefully this helps answer some more questions! Happy Planning! Congrats again!
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