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  1. Hi! How did you get your welcome bag and all the items that were put inside over to the DR??

    Hi Ladies,  I wanted to write this review in hopes to help any of you out with the planning of you wedding at Majestic Elegance. I wish wish wish that I could have talked to a previous bride about all the little details and options one has. Although my wedding day was perfect!! I still wish I could have asked someone who had been through it. The wedding coordinators are amazing and respond quickly however, you will always get better opinions from brides themselves. I got Married at the Gazebo
  3. DJ Mannia was amazing!!!!!!

    I got married at Majestic Elegance Punta Cana and all I can say is that DJ Mannia was AMAZING and made our reception one we will never forget. They were so kind and friendly and played exactly what we requested. They were so easy to talk to and were such a pleasure to work with. I never had to worry about them throughout the process. The money we spent to hire DJ Mannia so SOOOOO worth every penny! The night of our reception was a crazy good time! Not one person sat down, EVERYONE was dancing al
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