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  1. Hey ladies, So I'm getting married at the Riu Santa Fe on the 21st. I will let you know how it goes . I will say.. Planning over the phone/ internet makes it harder, my planner has also changed a couple of times. I have to keep reminding myself, this is Mexico and things are probably going to go wrong. I will try to post pictures and let you know things to bring or do differently.
  2. We are getting married at the Riu Santa Fe on Feb 21st 2013. Where are you having your rehearsal dinner? Then where are you guys going to party after? They sent me the paper work, but when I downloaded it.. it turned into a bunch of numbers and letter. I wanna see pictures of your wedding!! Hope you guys have an amazing time
  3. We loved the way these turned out!! They were time consuming, but worth it!! Our wedding is in 2.21.2013 in Cabo San Lucas @ Riu Santa Fe. I wish I had known about this site when I was making the luggage tags, so many wonderful ideas!! I started with these tags..I wanted the sides black, so we spray painted them. I think it's chip board? they are 3x6" They're pretty thick, so we had to pay 85-90 cents to mail. Then I covered them front and back with black textured paper- 65 lb. Then covered with the blue paper that is textured as well and 65 lb also. Tip: DON'T use clue, use tape..It will look better. I stamped and embossed the Save the Date and the Cabo San Lucas. The date & names are cut out using the Cricut- Then hand clued. I used envelopes from Paper Source #10 Now.. I'm working on our boarding passes that will be our invites
  4. Tulumbride2012- I posted it last night and can't see it on my profile. When I posted it I need it as a Thread, is that how you're suppose to do it? I added pictures and evrything :/. Thanks for the reply.
  5. That would be HOW not hoe.. sorry!
  6. We getting married in Feb 2013 in Cabo San Lucas at Riu.. We are super excited! I'm not really sure hoe to use this site. I tried to do a new thread to post my save the dates, cause I think they turned out really cute! A message pop up and send it was under review? But I still don't see it, help .
  7. We are getting married in Cabo San Lucas at Riu Santa Fe... We are so excited!! Here are the save the dates I started with these - I think they are chip board? They are 3 inches x 6 inches. We spray painted them black- I just wanted the sides done. Then I covered them with black paper, then did the I put the blue over it- Both papers are textured. I think the card stock is 65 lb. I did stamp the Save the date and Cabo San Lucas then I embossed them. The date and our names are cut from the Cricut. I put all the contact info on the back. I'm now working on our invites that are going to be boarding pass...
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