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  1. Thanks for the info Brooklyn. I'm doing a lot of DIY projects so have a lot to bring down. I'm having glass bowel centerpieces that I'm scared to ship or bring on too. But the florist quoted me $95 each, which is too expensive.
  2. Brooklyn, You mentioned that you brought a lot of your things down with you including your flowers. Did you have any trouble with customs eaither bringing them down or bringing what you brought back home? Did you ship any items down and if so, was it expensive? Thanks for your input! I am having a April wedding and am getting sooo excited to go! Whitney
  3. Yelena, I can't view attachments. Do you think you could email my personal email? Let me know and I will message you my email. Thanks
  4. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that. Can you tell me more details? What happened? Did you have your wedding at theAlexandra? Thanks
  5. Hey Lauren, How great to have gotten engaged and married at the same place! Thats really special! My husband and I are having a vow renewal ceremony on April 20, 2013 at The Alexandra. We are having a dj-DJ William John. Has anyone else heard anything about him? I have heard there are a few options for make up and hair on the island-Shenique Perfection salon, and Geraldine with Maxime Salong. I think Geraldine is a little more expensive but I have heard both are good. I just have ordered table runners for our reception tables at weddinglinensdirect.com. They have a bunch of different colors at a reasonable price. Are you doing favors? If so what are they?
  6. Hi, I am hoping to do the floating lanterns over the water if there is no wind. I think it will be a fun experience for all involved.
  7. Just wanted to throw it out there to see if there were any other April, T&C brides out there? My husband and I are planning our "destination wedding" at The Alexandra resort for April 20th, 2013 since we had a small ceremony right before he deployed and want to experience the fun with our close friends and family. So far I have booked the rooms, photographer, just mailed out our invitations, booked a dj, florist, and am somewhat at a stand still. I feel a little disconnected from it all since Rosalind (our coordinator) is handling all the details pretty much but she has been great with it all. What does everyone else have accomplished so far? Is anyone else feeling this way?
  8. Lauren, My photographer is Jon Nickson, and although we havent had our ceremony yet, I have only read great things about him. His site also is wonerful and shows some great pictures, He is at eyespice.com. Our colors are teal and coral. Hope I could be some help!
  9. Can you tell me the dimensions of the chair sashes? And do you still have them available? Thanks!
  10. Danie, Great I am very excited about working with Jon! My coordinator is doing the flowers for me and she has told me she gets them from a local floral shop on the island but they do not have a websight or any other information. So I have to trust her that the flowers will be what I envisioned! Im still contemplating doing fake flowers but we will see if its practical or less costly. We are doing welcome bags. I think we are going to include a personalized cuzi's(spelling?), some snacks, maps of the island and tourist info, a bottled water,and thats probably it. We may make labels to put on the bottle of water but unsure right now. How about you guys? Are you doing favors? If so what will they be?
  11. Danie, Congrats to you too! Thanks for the input and information. Its a little stressful planning everything unseen but this sight has def. helped and put me to ease. We actually just booked Jon Nickson for photography. Have you decided on someone for your hair and make up? Who is your florist? Im thinking of using the local flower for everything else but I would like my boquet to be a little more than the local flower so I wanted to price some others out with my coordinator. Let me know if I can help you in any way as well!
  12. Trop Im- You seem to give some great advice and knowledge and I was wondering if you knew how far The Alexandra resort is form the grocery store and the shops downtown. I heard it was too far to walk esp when buying groceries. Can you tell me in reference to the other resorts, how close it is to everything? What is your advice on renting a car while down there? Would you reccomend it?
  13. Danie, I am going to be married at The Alexandra as well as staying there with all of our guests. There doesnt seem to be much on The Alexandra so I was wondering what if any you knew about it? I heard it was not walking distance to the grocery store and "in town". Are other brides renting a car down there? Thanks
  14. Krys, Thanks, that does help, however do the brides get them from home and bring them themselves or is there somewhere down in the T& C where I can find good fake flowers? And do most of them do the boquets themselves? Thanks
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